So you want to get your permit to carry.


I want a permit to carry…How do I go about doing that???

“I want to get my permit to carry… what do I have to do now?  Where do I apply?  What training do I need, do I need to get training? I saw a “Ban Guns” sign at a store, what should I do with my gun?  AHHHH, this is so overwhelming!!!”

Sound familiar? First off, take a deep breath.  These are some questions that many people have when they are applying for their permit for the first time.  Good news, you are reading an article that will help you learn what you need to know in order acquire your Minnesota and or Wisconsin Permit to Carry.  In this article we will discuss how and where to apply for your permit.  The cost involved in applying and for the renewal process.  Lastly, we will discuss some common misconceptions that permit holders may deal with.

Congratulations!! You have chosen NOT to be a victim decided to responsibly arm yourself. There are some things you will need to do prior to being able to apply for your permit to carry.  First off, you need to take a permit to carry class that is recognized by the BCA of Minnesota.  Preferably by an instructor that is certified by the NRA. Good news for you, all of the Chandler’s Firearm Training instructors are recognized by the BCA of Minnesota and certified by the NRA!!  In that class you will discuss the criteria the state requires of you. You will learn the fundamentals of pistol use.  Finally, you will learn the laws that you will need to follow if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires you to use deadly force. At the end of the classroom portion you get to head to the range to do a live fire shooting qualification…any day you get shooting time in, is a good day!

So you have passed you carry class and gotten your certificate.  Now it is time to apply for your carry permit.  If you are a resident of Minnesota, you need to go to the Sheriff’s Office of the county that you live in to apply.  If you are a non-resident to Minnesota, you can apply at any county Sheriff Office in Minnesota.  By MN law, the fees to apply for your carry permit cannot exceed $100. So most Sheriff Offices charge…drum roll please… $100!  There are, however, some counties that charge less than that.  Renewal costs are not to exceed $75 if you reapply prior to your permit expiring.   Once you have gotten your permit to carry in the mail it is valid for 5 years.  If you are a MN resident you cannot obtain a WI permit, however, your MN permit is valid in WI.  If you carry in another state that your MN permit is valid in, you must follow the rules of that state.  If you are a WI resident and want to get a WI permit, your application is mailed to WI DOJ, along with $40 fee and copy of training certificate.

Renewing your permit is easy…you just have to repeat the process that you did when you first got your permit.  Before the 5 years are up you will need to retake a carry class, luckily for you we have your contact info and will help you out with a friendly reminder!!  Go to the Sheriff’s office and reapply…and in 5 years do it all over again!  Wisconsin makes renewals very easy by mailing you your renewal paperwork to you 90 days prior to your Permit expiration.

Now you may have heard a co-worker tell you one thing about a carry law for Minnesota, and your neighbor might have told you something completely different about the same law…what is the correct answer?  Feel free to shoot us a line with any questions.  See what I did there…shoot us a…never mind! Our instructors are not only hilarious, but also very knowledgeable in MN and WI carry laws.

Here are a few misconceptions you may come across after you get your permit.

Minnesota does NOT have a “Stand Your Ground” Law.  In MN you have a duty to retreat if you can do so safely.  Minnesota also does NOT have a “Castle Doctrine”.  In fact there are 4 laws that MUST be followed in order to legally use “Deadly Force” in Minnesota.

  1.  You must be in immediate fear of death or great bodily harm.
  2.  You must have reluctantly entered the conflict.
  3.  No reasonable means of retreat.
  4.  No lesser use of force would suffice to stop the threat.

These laws must be followed during the entire time that the violent or deadly encounter lasts. The down side is you get a just few seconds to think all of this through before you act.  Keep in mind that Wisconsin has a “Castle Doctrine” and a “Stand Your Ground Law” (while in your home, car, or business).

Just because you have a permit to carry doesn’t mean you are able to carry wherever you want. You will learn in class that there are places that restrict and even prohibit you from carrying your firearm.

Quote of the day: Always carry a round in the chamber, because if you don’t, you could spend the rest of your life racking the slide.  –Unknown

Stay Safe & Carry On!!

States that MN permit is valid. (MN Residents)

mn map

States that MN and WI permit is valid (WI Residents)

mn_wi map

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