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  1. Travis Liebl
    Travis Liebl says:

    Jay was a great instructor. I have my CCW in another state but since moving back to Minnesota figured I should have it here at home as well. Jay was very thorough but kept it entertaining. I appreciate his knowledge and willingness to go further in depth if someone had questions.

  2. Brian & Suzanne Wels
    Brian & Suzanne Wels says:

    Just completed the class with Jay. Really provided great information and made the class very enjoyable. Made sure we understood what the laws are and if we had questions made sure to give good answers.

  3. Loren Bicking
    Loren Bicking says:

    I’ve been to Chris’s class twice and now Steve’s in Pine City. Steve has implemented new videos and situations to things of today. He covers the course very well. He stops at different points for questions and has answers. Steve’s back ground gives him a unique perspective. Steve has a seriousness to the class and the information he covers. He also has a softer joking side to lighten the atmosphere from becoming too boring.
    Nice Job to Steve for his presentation.

  4. Alexis Navarro
    Alexis Navarro says:

    I completed both the Permit to Carry and Practical Pistol Skills/Home Defense Shotgun course with instructor
    Steve Hammer. Steve was very knowledgeable and helped both my husband and I become better and safer shooters. Both classes were very informative, and I would highly recommend.

  5. Steve Freeberg
    Steve Freeberg says:

    Today’s class with Steve H. was fantastic!! Well put together, with plenty of information one needs to know about CCW. Although the weather could have been nicer, the entire process/experience was beyond a doubt, one of the best investments I have made in a while. A little humor, combined with great instruction, makes it easy to recommend to anyone wanting to protect themselves and/or their loved ones. Thanks 🙏 again Chandler’s and Steve!!

  6. Tom Totland
    Tom Totland says:

    I attended the class in January 2022. I am currently a retired LE of 28 years of service. I attended this class in Searles, MN and thought it was a very good class. It was right to the point and covered the necessary information needed for a one-day class. The information was spot on and was not over whelming to take in. I really enjoyed the course. Jeremy did an excellent job presenting the information and kept it interesting.

    Thank you

  7. Marci Jorgensen
    Marci Jorgensen says:

    Steven Hammer did a fantastic job! His instruction was very well structured and prepared! Of the classes we have taken along the way, this one was by far the best for information being detailed and the instructor moving through the information methodically and effeciently! I will recommend your clases to others and recommend they take Steven’s classes.
    I will be signing up for more informaiton. Thank you for making these classes available.

  8. john sargent
    john sargent says:

    Jerry Ibbertson was the instructor for the P.P.S.! class that I attended in Austin, MN. I was extremely nervous and Jerry was the perfect match for me. His patience, calm demeanor, and knowledge was endless. He has my highest recommendation! I want to say thank-you very much

    • Steve Marshall Weidert
      Steve Marshall Weidert says:

      Thank you for your candor. I will be atttending class at Austin, and likely will have the same instructor. The only pistol I ever had was in the military (a 45 Colt) and never even got to fire it. (Security only). I have felt the need to protect my wife and home as of late. I have a S&W 9mm that I haven’t fired, and I am very nervous about this whole ordeal. You have helped ease my anxiety some. Thank You.

  9. Domingos Ramos Da Silva
    Domingos Ramos Da Silva says:

    Stayce did an amazing job during the class. Precise, thorough and explicit. I’d definitely recommend him and this company to anyone, hands down!

  10. Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell says:

    A damp and misty day (April 30) didn’t keep Master Instructor Jay away! Preformed his class duties top notch, took on the questions with zeal and promoted safety aspects of handling firearms consistently, enthusiastically and sincerity.

    Thank You Chandler’s, especially Jay

  11. Eugene Wempner
    Eugene Wempner says:

    Great instructor and course content. Approachable and willing to spend the extra time with those whom needed it. Will use them again in the future and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for CC instruction. My wife was a 1st timer and worried about the range qualification. Steven Hammer took the time to make her comfortable with the unfamiliar pistol and made her feel valued as a member of the community. Thank you for the courses you offer and for bringing them to outstate Minnesota.


  12. Cheryl A Wempner
    Cheryl A Wempner says:

    Steve Hammer was very professional and passed a lot of information in a fun but very informative and easy to understand manner. It was a large class; and he answered all question with patience, a smile and genuine care regarding your success and confidence. My husband was renewing his permit. It was my first class. I appreciate Steve Hammer, his knowledge and making everyone in the class feel valued. Thank you.

  13. Brent and Amanda Dolly
    Brent and Amanda Dolly says:

    My husband and myself took the conceal carry class with Jay and he was amazing. He efficiently gave us tons of great info and made it very relatable to real life situations. Class setting was very comfortable and we learned a lot. Would recommend to anyone first time or not!

  14. Leslie A Lekatz
    Leslie A Lekatz says:

    Brett did a wonderful job teaching this course. He handled all questions very well, and he was an all-star during the shooting portion. That was the part I was most nervous about, and he took time to make each indivdiual comfortable. He did a great job of conveying the inofrmation presented on the slides. I appreciated how he was clear in your rights, as well as how to respect police officers, which I respected. Brett, overall is a 10 out of 10. Thank you.

  15. Alan G
    Alan G says:

    Steve was an amazing instructor! He kept the class interesting and entertaining,even when I only had a couple hours sleep:-)

  16. Bob Donovan
    Bob Donovan says:

    I’m impressed with the conceal & carry class Jerry Ibberson put on in New Richland, Mar. 21st. The well run class, with it’s combination of videos, slides, and demonstrations was not only extremely informative, but it held my undivided attention throughout the entire course. I recommend it even to people NOT interested in getting the C&C license; it has information everyone should know. Thanks for an entertaining day.

  17. E. Fears
    E. Fears says:

    I carry for work and was looking to get in some good, local training and came across Chandler’s’. Myself and a friend of mine both took the defense handgun 1&2 courses with Chris as well as the Mag 20 course in September/October 2020.
    We were both very impressed.
    Chris is a great instructor, his demeanor is easy going while still maintaining control of the class. The courses were fun while still challenging. The D1 course had more information than I had anticipated, it starts off slowly but progresses as the day goes on. I would recommend D1 for both new and experienced shooters.
    D2 will test your skills further and if you’re looking to really improve Mag 20 is the challenge you’re looking for.
    I have recommended Chandler’s to several people looking for quality handgun instruction. I myself will be taking defense handgun 1 course again.

  18. Ken wittmus
    Ken wittmus says:

    Jay is a wonderful instructor. He made sure that we all understood the material and made the class more enjoyable. Thank you Jay.

  19. George Latourell
    George Latourell says:

    Jeremy is an extremely proficient instructor, he kept the course on track and to the point.
    Hopefully when the time comes to renew he will be the one to do it again here in southern Minnesota.

    CHERYLEE lOPEZ says:

    Steve was a great instructor. Very informative. Very knowledgeable about the laws. I will refer my friends. The only issue was getting to the shooting range. That was really disappointing. Some of us got lost and was really hard to find. You had to back down the long winding road to get out. Other wise I felt it was a great experience

  21. Scott & Nancy Mailand
    Scott & Nancy Mailand says:

    Very informative, easy to understand, really nice to take it from home.
    Right to the point. Gun range was a breeze. We will be back!

  22. Steve Sautbine
    Steve Sautbine says:

    I have taken the first and second all day hand gun courses with Steve, firing off 400-500 rounds in multiple configurations designed to improve your speed, accuracy, distance and safety via difference stances and ways to hold a hand gun based on different threat scenarios. Sure enough, the suggestions radically improved these areas, especially my accuracy and speed. I enjoyed these courses so much that I took the 2 day MAG 20 course with Chris. What impressed me is how much there is to learn about hand guns. The day starts with some excellent, but dated videos that were most thought provoking. Afterwords, we spent the next day and a half practicing over and over all that we had learned until it became almost routine. I brought 600 rounds and that was not enough, but like most people that take these course, they are finest examples of Americans and loaned me a few more rounds to improve my final score. Let me just say that looking back, this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Chandlers courses are professional by every definition, comprehensive, and will help to raise your bar, even if it is already pretty high. I have heard that they might do a more advanced MAG course and when they do, you better bet I will be one of those that sign up. My only caveat is bring some quality moleskin/band aids because you will be shooting a lot of rounds and you will find out where all your hot spots are on your shooting hand, trust me, just do it. Other than that, I have only respect and admiration for the programs that Chandler makes available at affordable prices without sacrificing any of the professionalism or quality you would expect. In conclusion, you really don’t want to be learning when you are actually required to use your hand gun, so go ahead and sign up for these follow-on course, and you too will be writing some rave reviews.

  23. Christopher & Holly Fick
    Christopher & Holly Fick says:

    Well we just got done with are class and I tell ya what it was a amazing class. Steven Hammer was are instructor and he was awesome I couldn’t believe how much information he had and a lot of things I thought you couldn’t do you can I was very impressed with how he kept saying to conceal carry because he is right when you need your sidearm you will regret not having it to defend yourself. The range shooting was great we had a huge class so me and my wife will be taking his fall course for beginners to learn my things and the right technique’s to use. It would be nice to be one on one to learn how to use are sidearms better. Again thanks Steven and I would recommend this class to everyone!!!

  24. Dakota larimer
    Dakota larimer says:

    Jayce was my instructor and he did a very great job and was calm walked us through the class and let us ask questions very great class well worth the money and the time

  25. Brad Kemper
    Brad Kemper says:

    This was by far my favorite class I’ve ever taken. Jayce kept things interesting enough to pay attention while packing in tons of priceless information. Thanks! See you in 5 years!!

  26. Barry Shear
    Barry Shear says:

    Just finished the online conceal/carry course taught by Chris. He did a great job. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone seeking their permit.

  27. Richard Sanders
    Richard Sanders says:


    THANK YOU! for a great class. Far exceeded my expectations. Far better than the first one I took in 2015. You were very thorough,
    thoughtful, honest and interesting to listen to. I didn’t see many others in class taking notes, but I took three large pages of notes AND
    I have a photographic memory so I am told. But I wanted to soak up as much information as possible. You provided a great roadmap
    for all of us to follow…how to keep out of trouble, how to keep safe, how to take action, how NOT to talk to the cops until one’s mind
    settles down. I did not know that about the human mind…that we are all virtually insane after a shooting. Good information to have.
    I told my wife and a couple friends about your class and raved about you. Thank you once again!

  28. Heidi Karpen
    Heidi Karpen says:

    Saturday with Jay was lots of fun. Learned stuff I didn’t know and answered questions that we had. Thank you so much!! Thanks Jay!


    Took the class with Chris and learned a lot of things as a private citizen that I wasn’t aware of. Found this trainer to be extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. Enjoyed my shooting on the range as I had never shot a pistol. Chris guided me through it and found I really enjoyed shooting at a target and hope to never have to shoot at a living one. Thanks Chandlers I will see you for the PPS course as well, Looking forward to it, Chris Johnson

  30. Shawn Reding
    Shawn Reding says:

    Steve was a great instructor – this was my 4th MN class and by far the best of those classes! Keep up the great work.

  31. larry
    larry says:

    I have been training at Front Sight Firearms in Nevada for years but due to law changes I had to take the mn. course. I was impressed with instructors knowledge on the carry laws. He did a nice job and he was very pleasant to listen to. Don’t know if it would work here but at Front Sight a 2 or 4 day handgun class is followed by the concealed carry course if needed.

  32. larry
    larry says:

    I was in the dec 29 class in rushford With about 20+participants, instructor did a great job! I have been training at Frontsight firearms in Nevada but due to mn carry laws I had to take the mn course .At Frontsight a 2 or 4 day course is followed by the concealed carry course which allows everyone to become very proficient in weapons handling. It may be something to consider as a future option for people that don’t want to travel for training.

  33. James Christmas
    James Christmas says:

    Joe was amazing. Class is great, very informative. Get to the range, he’s more serious and focused. I had some bad habits, he was stern, but not a dick. This is serious stuff, and he should be. I was a beginner and nervous, and Joe was right there to correct. Not only do I recommend his class, I would like to do follow up with him and get more training. If your serious about carrying, you need to be serious about being adept enough to do so. Thanks Joe!!

  34. Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson says:

    I took this class with my wife and my son. We found it to be very informative and Steve Hammer was a great instructor. He is very knowledgeable and very friendly. He answered all questions asked of him. Steve made the class very enjoyable and relaxed. I will refer all of my friends to this class. My son and I plan on taking the practical Pistol skills in June. Thanks so much for all the information. Really loved the class. Thank you
    Robert Richardson and Family

  35. Katelyn Eckblad
    Katelyn Eckblad says:

    I took the carry permit class with a friend of mine this past weekend, Jay was the instructor and he made the class engaging, upbeat, and had great examples of what to do and what not to do, and made sure we understood every scenario by using his personal experiences or relatable experiences. I was highly pleased by the class and would recommend it to any of my friends or family!

  36. Danielle Fisher
    Danielle Fisher says:

    I took Jeremy Rohlk’s Conceal & Carry class with my father. It was very informative and he kept it engaging. He even stuck around after the class to give us tips to help us be more accurate in our shooting. Jeremy’s expertises & background is second to none.

  37. Kent Fisher
    Kent Fisher says:

    I took the Nov 2 class. Jay did a great job of explaining the coarse and was very knowledgeable with the information he taught us. Thanks for a good class!

  38. Mike Friton
    Mike Friton says:

    Me and my wife took the CCL class in Searles with Jay Rohlk. Had a great experience. Very planned out class that didn’t get off course. Highly recommended.

  39. Mike
    Mike says:

    Me and my wife took the CCL class in Searles with Jay Rohlk. Had a great experience. Very planned out class that didn’t get off course. Highly recommended.

  40. Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson says:

    I completed my 2nd Chandler’s concealed carry class today and had another excellent experience. Jay was engaging and did a great job of adapting the flow to his audience. I appreciate the honesty the Chandler’s course brings to a thorough discussion of what it means to carry a gun.

  41. Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell says:

    I attended the Practical Pistol Course 2 on August 3, 2019 with Steve Hammer. Steve did an excellent job running the course. The course was very informative and helped greatly is improving my speed and accuracy. I highly recommend this course and instructor.

  42. MAJ. Charles Joseph Smick
    MAJ. Charles Joseph Smick says:

    I took the Practical Pistol 2 course with Steve Hammer as our instructor. OUTSTANDING COURSE. Very Intense Course with a great variety of drills and a lot of shooting in a lot of different situations. A great emphasis on Safety, Speed of Shooting and Precision for a variety of distances.
    As a former US Army Infantry Officer and Paratrooper, and Certified Firearms Instructor was VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of the course, the quality of instructions, and a OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTOR In Steve Hammer. The course is well worth the cost and time to take it, and will prepare you for a Dynamic Critical Incident(violent criminal assault) I encourage everyone to take the course. MAJ. Chuck Smick, IN, ABN, USAR-Retired Reserves.

  43. Jean M Nichols
    Jean M Nichols says:

    I just took the course in Richmond. Chad Nelson was a great instructor. He covered a lot of information and was super knowledgable. Very enjoyable!

  44. Ann Iverson
    Ann Iverson says:

    I took the class with Jay and enjoyed it. Even though we had a very small class, Jay was engaging, informative, and made sure we understood everything. The facility in Fairmont is a great place for a class.

  45. Tim Olson
    Tim Olson says:

    Chris was are instructor on 5/11/19 He made the class very interesting fun and informative which made the time seem to go quickly My wife daughter and I had a great time. Being first time shooters Chris was very patient in showing us how to handle a gun. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to get their permit. We are looking forward to taking the next step. Thanks Chris

  46. Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell says:

    I took the May 4 PPS course. Chris is a great instructor. We spent a good deal of time working on fundamentals. Chris did an outstanding job working with us one on one and also maintained a very safe training environment. Chris also spent time showing the class drills to practice after the course. I recommend this class to anyone who has completed their carry permit class. I am looking forward to PPS 2!

  47. Cary Kleinschmidt
    Cary Kleinschmidt says:

    The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. I would recommend this course to anybody who is interested in getting a permit to carry.

  48. Keith Cockriel
    Keith Cockriel says:

    I am a repeat customer of Chandlers, having taken my most recent carry permit renewal training through them last fall. This comment is for the Practical Pistol Skills I class conducted on April 28, 2019 at Wings North by Steve Hammer. Though informal, the class introduced us to various shooting exercises and scenarios, some timed and at different distances. The course is geared toward responsibly armed citizens, and consisted of mostly range work with instruction on site, rather than in a classroom. The students there went from experienced shooters just polishing skills, to complete novices, and had a variety of personal pistols. Instructor Steve Hammer was very knowledgeable, controlled the line well, and presented a lot of useful information, as well as demonstrating defensive shooting techniques. He made sure that students at all levels were comfortable and not left behind, and made the day fun. It should be noted that like the permit training class in Hastings, this shooting range is outdoors, so dress according to weather conditions. I can recommend Chandlers to any person looking for carry permit or basic pistol skills training.

  49. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Jay was a top notch instructor, made class fun and was more than willing to answer any questions we had. Highly recommend.

  50. Jon N.
    Jon N. says:

    Steve taught a great class with excellent, clear information in a casual, comfortable way. Very easygoing and knowledgeable and none of the swagger or ego you may find elsewhere. Highly recommend this class for anyone looking for either first permit or renewal. Definitely the best of several classes I’ve taken through different companies/instructors.

  51. Gary gorman
    Gary gorman says:

    This class was very informative. The instructor Steve Hammer did a wonderful job explaining everything and made it fun. It was easy to follow along with all points he made. Very professional guy. I would highly recomend using chandlers to anyone looking at getting a permit to carry. Even if the state had constitutional carry law id go through this for the reciprocity and safety aspects. Very safety oriented which i thought was great.

  52. Rick Mitchell
    Rick Mitchell says:

    I just attended the class with instructor Erik Rasmussen. He is a very good instructor, who was informative, easy to understand, and answers any questions you have.
    I have taken two other classes in the past, but with different organizations. Chandler’s, with Erik, is top notch. I would recommend his classes to anyone. I will be doing my future renewal classes with Chandler’s, and, hopefully Erik.

  53. Andrew havemeier
    Andrew havemeier says:

    Attended class in Fairmont. Jay was our instructor, he did a very good job,never a boring moment. He kept the class informative and fun. I learned alot. Definitely will come agian in 4 1/2 years. Thanks agian.

  54. Lisa McCulloch
    Lisa McCulloch says:

    We had 4 people who took this class 02/17/2019. I was dreading the time that I was going to have to sit in a classroom and listen to a dull lesson on guns. To my surprise I loved the class. It was very informative, the teacher Steve was very interesting and really funny! He kept my attention throughout the whole class! He is very knowledgeable and was very interactive. I left the class feeling very comfortable about carrying a gun and I am also planning on taking his next class. Great experience! Thank you!

  55. Patrick and Lisa
    Patrick and Lisa says:

    This was an awesome class. Chris did a great job instructing the class. If anyone has been considering carrying a firearm, don’t hesitate any longer and take your class through Chandler’s Firearms. We’re glad we did!

  56. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    I took this class with a couple of friends Saturday. Steve was our Instructor. He did an awesome job. I think this should be standard training. He was very informative and answered all questions with direct, thoughtful, and intelligent answers. He offered his opinion on issues that were choices for the students and why he felt the way he did. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Thank you!

  57. Lisa Rohloff
    Lisa Rohloff says:

    My husband and I took the class together. I will honestly say that I was not looking forward to it. I didn’t feel the need, it was my husband who bought the pistol. I left this class feeling empowered and educated. The knowledge and practical way it is presented made the class go by fast. I spoke with a police officer shortly after taking the class. He was glad to hear that I had taken it.
    Thank you Chris for your passion in teaching others and sharing your story.

  58. Edward Garcia
    Edward Garcia says:

    Erik was very patient and understanding with all of our questions and concerns. He was very knowledgeable and very clear with the information he provided. I highly recommend taking his class. Thank you for great experience. High five!


    We took the class on Saturday, January 12th at Ahlman’s with Erik Rasmussen. Course was very interesting and informative and Erik did a wonderful job. Would recommend this course to anyone interested. We were referred by our son who had previously taken the course.

  60. Jeanne Amey
    Jeanne Amey says:

    The class went very quickly. Steven gave us a lot of great information, and his personal thoughts and stories were helpful. I would highly recommend this course.

  61. Kodjo Djondo
    Kodjo Djondo says:

    Mr Chris I just want to thank you for the amazing class you gave first, and personal examples you provided. Class 01/13/2019 was the Best👍

  62. Christian
    Christian says:

    Attended my class a few days ago, with Erik Rasmussen. He answered all questions, and made sure we understood the material.

  63. Bob Harris
    Bob Harris says:

    Had my CC course this weekend with Steve Hammer. Great instructor and I took more out of the class than I had expected. Looking forward to taking the handgun skills training this spring. I would definitely recommend friends in the future!

  64. Amy Fernandez
    Amy Fernandez says:

    Our instructor Jay was beyond great! He made the class fun but very informational and also helped temendously when the county gave me a few hiccups trying to turn in application and certificate. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone I know. Thanks Jay!!

  65. Brian Hinderscheit
    Brian Hinderscheit says:

    I took the class November 10th with Jay and had a great time, he left it as a relaxing and easy going class. He welcomed any and all questions, gave lots of information as well as he gave many great scenarios to answer questions and explain how things worked out. Will definitely go again and recommend others to his classes.

  66. Laina
    Laina says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed our class with Steve. He’s very knowledgeable, led a great class that was never boring, and added a little humor to lighten it up. I’ve already recommended friends to take a class with him.

  67. Duane C. Bakken
    Duane C. Bakken says:

    Jay is an excellent instructor. Easy going but very informative. I learn something every time I’m up for renewal. I will recommend him every time I hear of someone wanting to take a class.

  68. Duane C. Bakken
    Duane C. Bakken says:

    Jay did a fantastic job at Morristown. I learned a lot even thou I was renewing my permit. It was a very down to earth class with a great instructor. Made it fun and easy. Would recommend Jay to anyone.

  69. Ronnie Christianson
    Ronnie Christianson says:

    Had my class in Austin and have to say thanks to Jay for giving a great class, very informative and fun really. will for sure recommend you all. Thanks again .

  70. Sam Casperson
    Sam Casperson says:

    Steve’s ccw class was very informative while he also made it fun with jokes. I will be recommending this class to my friends that also have interest in getting their permit to carry.

  71. Bryan A
    Bryan A says:

    4 out of 5 stars. Excellent class! We’ll done and very informative. I learned a lot. The only reason I didn’t give the class a 5 out of 5 was due to the live handgun qualification. I am appreciative of the fact that Chandler’s saved the pupils a lot of money by holding the handgun qualification in the middle of the woods. However, having to wait an hour and a half for everyone to qualify before you could leave was frustrating. I would have paid more to have an extra lane to speed the process or a way to be on my way after qualifying.

  72. Kenneth
    Kenneth says:

    Hello and loved the class! Mr. Steve Hammer was very professional and added a little humor which made you feel like part of the family. I learned a lot from this class and I feel much more confident about carrying my personal firearm.l would like to see hopefully in the future some handouts on the laws and regulations for the state we will be carrying in and a map of the states we have reciprocity with? Thanks again and I look forward to more training with Mr. Hammer.

    Sincerely, Kenneth Lopez

  73. Darlene & Glenn Walsh
    Darlene & Glenn Walsh says:

    I want to thank your the informative class. I learned so much about being a responsible gun owner and carrier. I have just finished filling out my husband’s and my paper work and we will be turning it in on Monday. I do appreciate they way the instructor at the live shoot stopped me and shown me a better way to hold the weapon. It was much more accurate and felt good in my hand, made me feel more confident . Thank you again and I will recommend your classes to everyone looking for their permit to carry class..

  74. Andy
    Andy says:

    Thanks for a great experience. Just completed the Permit class with Steve and Co. in Hastings. Steve Hammer and company had a good, thorough presentation stressing the safety and legalities of carrying and deploying your firearm. Picked up some great thought provoking information to continue my education. Was happy to see the large turnout with the many girls as well. Stay safe

  75. Scott Dick
    Scott Dick says:

    Took the CCW class with Jay Rohlk. What a great instructor! Very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend this class to family or friends. Also very accommodating for handicapped students as I’m in a wheelchair, and there was also a hearing impaired student in class as well… He took the time to answer questions, and made sure everyone understood basic safety, as well as the laws governing CCW, and use of force. Thanks Jay and Thanks Chandlers!

  76. Carol Foxen
    Carol Foxen says:

    I’m 80 years old and live in a “sketchy” neighborhood. I can see and hear very well but I can’t run very well anymore. Jay did an excellent job and taking the CCP class has helped to reduce most of my anxiety. I would recommend adding print outs of information to be included in the folder on: 4 Safety Rules, a current map for the legal carry in other states, places where it is legal to carry in MN, Legal use of force and MN Statue numbers, 4 Pillars governing use of deadly force, Phone calls to make before and/or after the incident, What to expect from LEO’s and constitutional rights. Thank you for your help. I’ll be back, God willing.

  77. Deanna Soderberg
    Deanna Soderberg says:

    I took my permit renewal and a week later, Practical Pistol Skills – Level I, both taught by Chris. I highly recommend Chandler’s. No matter how long you’ve been shooting, you can’t have enough skill to ensure your safety and anyone else’s around you should you need to use your gun. The Level I course taught me essential skills on holster use, quickly changing magazines, correct sight acquirement and how to correctly place my hands when using two hand shooting and much more. After a year of practice I fully intend to take PPS-Level II.

  78. Chuck Lindstrom
    Chuck Lindstrom says:

    Took your course on April 28th with Steven H. to renew an existing permit. This is the third class I have taken and by far the best. Will take your course again in 5 years and will recommend it to any of my friends that want to obtain or renew a permit

  79. Bill
    Bill says:

    Jay Rocks! My 3rd time renewing my carry permit (second time through Chandlers) and I thoroughly enjoyed Jay’s class, I will ask for him by name for my next renewal. 😉

  80. Roger P
    Roger P says:

    I just took the permit to carry class with Jay, he did an AMAZING job!!!! It was very informative and I would highly recommend taking the class with Jay

  81. Joe Collova
    Joe Collova says:

    Class was informative. Tav on the Ave. near Mankato was suitable for size, but very noisy with the heating system. The kitchen crew loved loud music and are located at the top of the stairway.

  82. Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson says:

    Jay Rohlk did a great job conveying the information in this past Saturday’s class. His knowledge and humor made the learning experience so much more enjoyable and productive. Thumbs way up on Jay.

  83. Bryan D.
    Bryan D. says:

    This is my 2nd time taking the class. Chris is great. He is informative, and explains things in a way that everyone will understand. I always recommend Chandler’s.

  84. Pam Boettcher
    Pam Boettcher says:

    I took the class on Saturday in Hastings with Chris and thoroughly enjoyed it. Chris was very engaging, energetic, and above all, knowledgeable.

    I had taken a WI class 2 years earlier with a different company and found that to be very dry and almost hard to stay attentive. Chris’s class was the total opposite and kept the entire class engaged at all times.

    Great job Chris.

  85. Rob Martini
    Rob Martini says:

    Glad to have taken this class. Instructor was Steve and was very informative both me and my wife learned quite a bit.

  86. Richard V
    Richard V says:

    I took the class to renew by permit to carry. This class was very informative and so much better than the first class I took 5 years ago when I first obtained by permit. The instructor, Steve Hammer, did a great job and is very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting their permit to carry.

  87. William (Bill) Rogers
    William (Bill) Rogers says:

    Chris did a very good job and obviously has the skills, knowledge and abilities (SKA’s) of leadership, teaching and training of the subject matter. This was a renewl class for me and once again informed and inspired. As a Viet Nam Vet (USMC) I appreciate comprehensive and thorough trainning. Good Job! Keep up the good work.

  88. Benjamin Olson
    Benjamin Olson says:

    I had Steve as my instructor at Black Bear Casino. We had a full class and there were a good mixture of students and Steve helped answer all the questions that we had. The class was super informative about having a conceal carry permit and helped me understand what I can and can’t do, and how I get a conceal carry permit. The book that you can buy goes over what is discussed in class but it is a good refresher incase you need it. The one thing that I wish was that we could have shot more.

  89. Karen Maverick
    Karen Maverick says:

    My husband and I took the Conceal and Carry Course with Steven. Steven is extremely knowledgeable and was very thorough in presenting information regarding developing a personal and home protection plan, legal use of force, following a violent encounter, and safety of handling. This was an enjoyable and interesting class; Steven was great about answering questions and took time at the conclusion of class to ensure that all questions were addressed. We will both will refer and highly recommend Chandler’s to friends and colleagues who are interested in the Conceal and Carry course or any other courses offered.

  90. Patrick Warner
    Patrick Warner says:

    Jamie did a GREAT job.Classroom seemed a bit long but as i am an ex Cop..I understand the need for training! Could give a short video to show an alternate way to combat in the case of a road rage incident. Check out TRUNK MONKEY ! Thanks again Jamie!

  91. Stacy Thaxton
    Stacy Thaxton says:

    Took the class in Rice Mn and Steve was our instructor it was a great class Steve was very knowledgeable and a great instructor thanks I will see ya in 5 years.

  92. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Jamie was our instructor. She made the class exciting and interesting by using lots of real life stories, examples and offering helpful suggestions. She also had a great laugh and sense of humor! I feel like I’m her friend now or I want to be lol. She was very encouraging and offered help after the class ended should we have questions. Thanks Chandler’s for a great experience, something I was nervous doing that has now been turned into something I’m eager to only get better at and learn more!!

  93. Karen L. Pringle
    Karen L. Pringle says:

    Great class! Mr. Hammer was just awesome and taught us in a very non-boring way, great insights, in a warm room at Black Bear Casino and was relaxed at the range which is great for people who may not shoot often or have much skill as well as advanced shooters.

    I highly recommended it to the permit office, and to others already! As a business myself, we need to make sure and keep good businesses networked!

    Thank you!

  94. Karen Maverick
    Karen Maverick says:

    My husband and I took a private lesson on gun safety as neither of us have ever shot a gun or know much about them. Chris and Jamie taught us everything about being safe with handling a gun, the parts of the gun, differences of gun sizes, models for conceal and carry and the laws. They are both extremely knowledgeable, professional, took time to answer all of our questions while helping us feel comfortable in handling the guns while stressing safety first and foremost. We had went to the range the following week to shoot for the first time at targets. We both learned a lot and it was a great experience having Jamie work with us at the range to help both of us feel comfortable with the gun, have opportunities to try a variety of guns, and give helpful tips on how to improve in aiming. We are going to take the conceal and carry class and are both looking forward to learning more in that class. I would highly recommend Jamie and Chris to anyone wanting to learn; they both are exceptional instructors!

  95. keith riser
    keith riser says:

    I had Jay for instructor for my conceal carry permit class. He was very well prepared and was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the course. Kudos to him we good instructor

  96. James Hunzeker
    James Hunzeker says:

    Dan did a great job considering how little time was allowed for the class. I also was late and missed the opening remarks of the presentation, my bad.

    I have been considering a carry permit for a decade as I travel quite a bit on motorcycle and motorhome. Often I am in very remote locations.

    That said, the 4 points made toward the end of the class I believed to be most significant. 1) Did I start the situation? 2) Can I defuse or walk away? 3) Is my life threatened?, and 4) Is my action justifiable? Along with “What the prosecutor is going to try and prove” are at the heart of the carry permit. These points are so significant the possibly they should be the foundation of the presentation and reinforced multiple times.

    Again, great class.

  97. Jim Foss
    Jim Foss says:

    I went to renew, my wife came to get her certificate. Chris taught me a few things. Much better than the last time with a different outfit. He made my wife feel comfortable, as well as the other women in the class, which was about half and half. Very laid back.

  98. Bill Farnsworth
    Bill Farnsworth says:

    Had Dan as an instructor and was not surprised by the patience and knowlede he had regarding the various questions that were asked. I was also now surprised by the one on one time he took to help those with less experience. My second time with Chandler’s.. and have and will continue to recommend them!

  99. Jen Keller
    Jen Keller says:

    Jay was our instructor, he was great, laid back and genuine. He gave good examples to help us understand the lessons. His line “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should ” will stick with me, it is applicable to many things in life. I was the only lady in class and felt perfectly comfortable. Thank you to Chandler’s and Jay!!

  100. Stuart Bauer
    Stuart Bauer says:

    Jay was a great instructor would definitely recommend him and this class to anyone. Had a good time, also Jamie was more than helpful for any questions. Great people!

  101. Tom Schutz
    Tom Schutz says:

    Took the Class Today with Instructor Kevin Mattakat at the Green Mill in Hastings. Very good class and shooting range information.
    Thank You Kevin
    Tom Schutz

  102. Andrew R
    Andrew R says:

    My last was on Oct. 15th in Woodville. Kevin was a very informational instructor, our class size was small so feeling comfortable with the instructor and a class willing to learn was a definite plus. I was there for my renewal. I’ve had two instructors in the past that just gave out the basics and were more into selling products than actually teaching and providing the information that’s spread throughout the internet. I have to admit, I learned more from this class than I have from any of my other experiences revolving around firearms and personal protection. I would definintely choose a secondary and even the most advanced course, weather permitting, with Chandler’s.

    Thanks again for the experience.

  103. Locke Perkins
    Locke Perkins says:

    This was a refresher course for me, but it was far better than the original course. Jamie Hodge presented the material in a clear and organized fashion, just fast enough to keep it interesting without snowplowing though the material, and taking time as necessary to thoroughly answer all my pesky questions. I felt much more confident and competent to carry a firearm after the course, and was sufficiently interested and motivated by Jamie’s presentation to spend time reviewing the material a week after the course and build my own written file on the material presented and the book on which the course is based.

    I wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone who wants the knowledge and understanding that is required to safely carry a handgun. A large portion of the class, early on, was devoted to encouraging the development of awareness and caution that might preclude the need for a gun, and only then did the class focus shift to the rules and laws that govern the use of a firearm for self defense.


  104. Cheryl Graham
    Cheryl Graham says:

    Love chandler’s class. Jamie was an awesome instructor. Very passionate on the subject and really shows that care about there people the interact with. Jamie also gave me some pointers out on the range to make my shooting even better. Looking forward to other classes that are offered.

  105. Eddie Swartzentruber
    Eddie Swartzentruber says:

    Dan Crowson was my instructor he did an excellent jop teaching. He taught me a lot of new stuff . Also highly recommend the book they sell it’s very informative. Thanks DAN !!!

  106. Brian Gummert
    Brian Gummert says:

    Did the course last Sunday.
    Steve Hammer was the instructor he did an awesome job. This guy knows his stuff. thanks Steve.

  107. Sandra Burch
    Sandra Burch says:

    I took the class in Outing September 16th and it was AWESOME! Chris and Jamie are the BEST! I can’t thank you guys enough for an incredible day! I learned so much valuable information. I am still blabbing to anyone who will listen about how fantastic the class was! Chris and Jamie you guys ROCK! I can’t wait until spring to take your practical pistol skills training! I’m trying to recruit my friends to come too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  108. Joe and Christina
    Joe and Christina says:

    We took the class with Kevin Mattakat in Woodville last Sunday. Kevin was very knowledgeable and the material was interesting. Wisconsin was a refresher as we already have our WI conceal carry; but taking a refresher is very beneficial. Minnesota was new for us. Very interesting!! Thank you.

  109. Dale Liska
    Dale Liska says:

    We took the class last Saturday in Morristown…Jay did an AWESOME job. Very informative with a lot of good review information. Jay kept everyone on task and has a great since of humor. This was a permit renewal class for us but Jay kept it interesting…THANKS JAY !!!!

  110. Dave
    Dave says:

    I attended September 9th in Morristown. I wasn’t overly excited but what a surprise. Jay the instructor did a great job. Very informative and interesting. Seemed like no time at all and we were done.

  111. chris
    chris says:

    Finished the conceal and carry class today our instructors name was Jay and he did a great job answered all my questions and was easy to talk to. Overall jay exceeded my expectations and even though I was in class for renewing my permit I learned alot of new information.

    Thanks Jay

  112. Dan Hendricks
    Dan Hendricks says:

    Steve Hammer was a great instructor, there were only 3 of us in the class but he when on as if their were 50 people in the class. I actually had a really good time and learn a lot as well.

  113. Tom Kuh
    Tom Kuh says:

    Chris does an excellent job teaching. The class of June 3rd, 2017 up in Outing was my 4th renewal and every bit as interesting and more informative than the previous permit classes.

  114. Pam Yanish
    Pam Yanish says:

    Jay instructed our course last weekend. I had been wanting to take this course for years but just never did. After going through it I wish I had done this years ago!! Jay kept it interesting and kept us all awake and aware even on a Saturday morning! ;) I learned a lot from Jay and loved his sense of humor!! I’m anxious now to go practice practice practice and then go shopping, shopping and more shopping!! I felt that Jay totally respects and has patience for us females who have never handled and hand gun before and he made it a blast!! I highly recommend this course to all my female friends!!! Thanks Jay!!! Well worth the money!!!

  115. Rhonda Zielske
    Rhonda Zielske says:

    My name is Rhonda Zielske. I took the course for the permit to carry and conceal on 6/10/2017. I believe I was the most nervous and scared and shaking while shooting. Our instructor was Jay. Thank you Jay for helping me to face one of my fears. It felt like you knew what to say to me to keep shooting and not give up. God Bless You and Yours. My goal is to continue practicing like you taught us. I WILL become proficient and confident. Thanks to you.

  116. Michael Altendorfer
    Michael Altendorfer says:

    Chris does a impeccable job instructing, and his knowledge is 2nd to none.
    I feel difference is the way Chris and his team communicates to provide you an extremely high quality and educating class.
    And those who participates receives an outstanding experience.
    I will continue to referrer others as I have over the years, and support him and his incredibly knowledgeable team.
    Best regards, Michael Altendorfer

  117. Mark Fritsch
    Mark Fritsch says:

    Bobby was a Great instructor, he is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions in the April 22, 2017 class. He took his time and was very patient with the class. In the near future I would be interested in the Practical Pistol Skills Level 1 Class which I think everyone should take.

  118. ed schoeller
    ed schoeller says:

    real world applications for situations you might not think of. this is like gun safety on steroids. so no matter how much experience you have , you will learn something new

    BILL EVANS says:

    I found Jay to be a very good instructor he kept the class interested and answered all questions ,the class was run on time with no short cuts ,and the range was safe and enjoyable ,everyone shoot well. I would recommend it.

  120. Denise McCarney
    Denise McCarney says:

    This was my third class of conceal and carry and by far the best one. Don was informative the whole way through and all my questions were answered throughout. Don kept to the pertinent information and made sure we stayed on track. I felt I learned the most from this class. Would recommend to anyone.

  121. Kurt Weiser
    Kurt Weiser says:

    I just finished my second part with Chandlers. first I took the conceal carry and now the level 1 practical pistol skills. again was not disappointed.If you think you know a lot about carring a pistol or handling yourself with one try the level 1 course and you will learn alot.
    We also shot a lot of ammo it was truly a great day again.
    I am planning on signing up for level 2 next,
    Thank you Chris for your time and expertise

  122. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Don was a very good instructor. Very open and honest, and the best carry conceal class I ever had. No fancy frills, reasonable price, explained pertinent information, and answered all questions to the best of his knowledge. Very well put together presentation, I would definitely take it again through this business or recommend it to someone else.

  123. SMH
    SMH says:

    Great class and Jay was AWESOME!! Lots to cover, very important topic(s) yet Jay was key to making it all come together. Knowledgeable, approachable, funny, professional, etc…..great instructor! He made the class a lot of fun and did a great job. A few of us would even like to continue with some classes if he taught handgun drills or additional shooting exercises etc! :) Overall I am very pleased and it was money well spent. Thank you!!!

  124. Shirlene Hvinden
    Shirlene Hvinden says:

    Great class and Jay was AWESOME!! Lots to cover, very important topic(s) yet Jay was key to making it all come together. Knowledgeable, approachable, funny, professional, etc…..great instructor! He made the class a lot of fun and did a great job. A few of us would even like to continue with some classes if he taught handgun drills or additional shooting exercises etc! :) Overall I am very pleased and it was money well spent. Thank you!!!

  125. RJ
    RJ says:

    Found the class very informative and enjoyable. Class easy to understand no matter a person’s knowledge of firearms. A great pace too as to finish in a timely manner.
    Thanks Jamie.

  126. Russ W.
    Russ W. says:

    Chris did a great job, good personality, very knowledgeable. The class was very informative and I would/will recommend it to others. I also recommend buying the book, very good source of useful information. Thanks Chris for a positive experience.

  127. Dave Michenfelder
    Dave Michenfelder says:

    Dan did a Great job teaching this class! He was well versed in the subject matter, and did an excellent job answering any questions that came up. Not only was the class very informative but Dan, also made it fun as well! If I had to do over I would definitely take my CCW class from Chandler’s again! Thanks Guy’s!

  128. Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell says:

    Jay did an outstanding job in his presentation. questions and class participation encouraged and responded too.
    information packets contained good updated info, reviewed in detail.
    I was very impressed and thankful your classes came to us, the Web page has great detail as to what we need and when!
    Thanks Jay and Chandler’s staff for making this seamless!

  129. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I really feel like I learned a lot from steve, and when we got to the range, he was kind enough to take some extra time to teach me a little about my .45 (which I had never even fired) and even let me fire off a few clips :) was a very enjoyable class and I would highly recommend Steve hammer to my friends!

  130. Gretchen
    Gretchen says:

    we had a great time in the class. Chris is very patient with all of the questions we had and treated each person with respect even if some of us were very new to the handgun world. I would definitely refer this class to new, renewals and those who just want to be informed.

  131. Craig H
    Craig H says:

    Kevin was very professional, and even though he was clearly sick, he was clear and concise. He charged on. The class was light hearted, but informative. He was patient in the classroom and on the range. He is a credit to your organization.

  132. Joel Lintner
    Joel Lintner says:

    The class was OK and the instructor was good. This was my third time taking Permit to Carry. with three different people. I did feel however that the presentation materials were too short for first timers as far as the Four Pillars as you call them….the four essentials to be in place to have a valid self defense claim in MN. Had this been my first class I would have left bewildered. I think this deserves at least one third if not one half of all class time. In my opinion if a person does not fully understand that they have no business carrying a gun!

  133. David Wiederhoeft
    David Wiederhoeft says:

    Awesome and very informational! Jay was fun and kept everyone informed up and beyond what was on the slides! Will recommend to others for sure! Thank you!

  134. Cedric Koukal
    Cedric Koukal says:

    I took this class to get my conceal and carry just to have it, Kevin Mattakat was awesome, super informative and very direct and very knowledgeable. Answered all questions and for his first time in teaching he did a great job. Highly recommended

  135. Victor white
    Victor white says:

    I took your class to renew my permit to carry. It was very informative, and was good to revisit laws and regulations that have changed since my last class. The instructor, Kevin was extremely knowledgeable. I’m already recommending your class to my co-workers!

  136. Austin Schommer
    Austin Schommer says:

    Kevin was a great teacher and I though the class was very educational. Definitely recommending this class to others.

  137. Dan
    Dan says:

    Ryan was a great instructor. The class was very informative and not boring at all. I just needed a renewal but taking the entire class wasn’t bad with Ryan. I will be coming back to Chandlers for my next renewal for sure.

  138. Eric K
    Eric K says:

    Bobby is a great instructor. He did a fantastic job covering the material and answering our questions. I highly recommend this course. (3/25 class)

  139. Tim Jungers
    Tim Jungers says:

    Just wanted to take a second to send a shout out to Bobby Thompson for a great class this past Saturday (3/25). The class was very educational and enjoyable at the same time. Thanks for helping to keep the material interesting and fun!

  140. Brian
    Brian says:

    Attended the carry class on March 26th. Kevin conducted a great class. Laid back and casual. Kevin was very knowledgeable. Readily answered questions abd accepted input from the class. Great experience. I will advise anyone looking for a ccw class to check out Chandlers. Thank you.

  141. Stacy
    Stacy says:

    Jay did an excellent job teaching! My husband and I attended his class yesterday and were very happy with the instruction. He made the class fun and informative. Thank you Jay!

  142. Sonja Thune
    Sonja Thune says:

    My friend and I attended the class with Michel Richardson as instructor. Michel was very knowledgeable and fun. His sense of humor made the subject more interesting and time go by fast. Everyone should take this class whether purchasing a gun or not. We plan to take a defense class and will definitely recommend Chandler’s. Thanks Michel and Chandler’s!

  143. Leesa
    Leesa says:

    Bobby was an exceptional instructor. This was my renewal class but I believe Iearned more this time than the first time. He offered practical examples with each section and then did a quick review of the information. Multiple times during the class he reviewed the 4 rules regarding gun safety and what you as a gun owner are entitled to do and not do in a fight or flight situation. Because of that teaching style, I was engaged the entire class. He also taught me a different way to hold my gun which allowed me more stability and better aim.

  144. Dennis Kiehne
    Dennis Kiehne says:

    Dan Crowson,
    You made a good choice with him.
    He’s a natural teacher.
    Very engaging, And I must say I the course was have well structured.
    Learned alot.
    Thanks to Dan

  145. Charles Sam
    Charles Sam says:

    Steve was fun and kept on topic using real world examples. Class was fun and he reiterated a ton of points that were used in the MN statutes. The small videos he had that were on the PowerPoint didn’t work but that was nothing to do with him being unprepared but to do with the venue’s security settings. All in all the range time was fun and he kept the topic of security and clearings fresh in our minds.

  146. Andrew Fromm
    Andrew Fromm says:

    Excellent service provided! My instructor was Dan Crowson who did an excellent job keeping the class entertained, as well as teaching the material thoroughly. I left knowing much more than when I walked in and I recommend this course to almost every gun owner that I know!

  147. Ken
    Ken says:

    My wifr and I attended the 2/12/17 class with Kevin. He was awesome. Very informational, and a great guy. I will recommend Chandler’s coarse to everyone that is looking at getting their CCW permit.

  148. Katlyn
    Katlyn says:

    As a women, coming into a permit to carry class I was a bit nervous about feeling intimidated and or feeling like I was less than. Once entering, that fear went away immediately!! Ryan was awesome! He kept the class down at our level and made things very easy to understand and really made an effort to answer all of our questions! I would recommend anyone wanting to talk this class to take it with Ryan. Thank you for making it an awesome learning experience.

  149. Kurt Weiser
    Kurt Weiser says:

    I started this class as a small group the group grew and Chandlers accommodated us by getting us a place to have our class.We had 3 people for sure that had not much of a idea about the class or guns.Two of them were my family members before the class was over they were fully engaged in the class. by the time we left the range they were asking Chris questions on what they should do next Iam so pleased that their eyes have been opened to what is going on around us.I cant thank you enough. We will be planning on another course in the future.

  150. Tim Balfanz
    Tim Balfanz says:

    Coming into class with no knowledge of weapons I was a bit nervous… Within minutes Chris put me at ease. Friendly, calm, good sense of humor and most importantly very knowledgeable. I learned so much. My intention in taking the class was more for informational purposes.. but the class made me so comfortable and helped with reasons of why one may want to carry, I went and applied for my permit to carry this morning. Looking forward to getting out on the range, practicing, and some additional classes. Thanks Chris!!

  151. Kelly Baker
    Kelly Baker says:

    Chris was a great instructor and Jamie did a wonderful job at the range as well! Outstanding class with tons of information! Highly recommend anyone interested in carrying to take this class!

  152. George Marko
    George Marko says:

    I took the class this weekend in Forest Lake with Ryan McCusker. He was a great instructor with a lot of information and safety concerns to share with us. He provided information regarding the laws, specific video scenarios, great instruction on hand gun grip and information on how to be constantly aware of your surroundings. I have and will recommend his class to others. Thank you for making this class relevant and interesting!

  153. Ronald Myhre
    Ronald Myhre says:

    I took the course Saturday with Jay as the instructor. It was a great class, learned a lot. I will recommend Chandler’s to anyone wanting to get their CCP for Minnesota.

  154. Robert Topper
    Robert Topper says:

    Excellent class with Chris as an instructor. Much better than any classes I have attended in the past. Highly recommend Chandlers training. Thanks again

  155. Scott Reinfeld
    Scott Reinfeld says:

    Mike did an outstanding job of communicating a large amount of information in a manner that made it enjoyable to learn. Would highly recommend Chandler’s to anyone.

  156. Michael Baran
    Michael Baran says:

    I had a very informative class with Kevin on 1/15, in Woodbury. His presentation was easy to understand. He was also very flexible for the range time as I could not go right after class. Thanks for a great experience.

  157. Brad White
    Brad White says:

    The class was really well taught. I only wish there was something more that could be taught for those re-applying. I know it’s not Chandler’s fault. I would encourage everyone who has taken a class to practice with their carry weapon as much as they can afford to and continue to hone your knowledge about carrying. If one of us goes out and does something bad or sloppy it reflects on us all.

  158. Shelley Janos
    Shelley Janos says:

    I thought the class was great. I especially appreciated that it was a women only class. I was mostly attending for the gun safety info but after the class feel I will probably apply for a carry permit.

  159. Dante
    Dante says:

    I had the opportunity to take the class this weekend in Morristown with Mike Richardson. He is a great instructor with a wealth of information to share and presents it in a way that make is real. He provided very relevant information regarding the laws, specific scenarios, great instruction on grip and stance, and even information on how to prepare yourself while in your home. I would / will recommend his class to others! Thank you!

  160. Joel M. Cruz
    Joel M. Cruz says:

    I used to carry my side arms during my college years in my University were i worked and study at night. I was a member of FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY FORCE with 400 guards to protect 32,000 K student and school property.
    The lesson i learned from Chris was an awsome one. i wished i took this class even before I join the security force. Great, great class. We were 4 guards in every university gate, we were equipped with SW super. 38. 1976. Also in our guard house we had 2 M16 and I have my own M1. Just in case. I belong to this AMORIR force for 6 yrs. Both my experience contributed fair enough for my love to protect good people from of course the BAD ONES. Thank you Chris and Jamie more power for you both.

  161. Delma Olson
    Delma Olson says:

    I attended this course in Forest Lake. Ryan, our instructor did an excellent job. His knowledge was exceptional. It is a long class and I enjoyed every minute of it. The information and video’s was top notch. It was a wonderful experience. I walked away with knowing a lot more than when I walked in and was able to retain that information. Thanks Ryan.

  162. Mike Dressler
    Mike Dressler says:

    Being a conceal carry holder who just moved from Colorado back to Wisconsin, I can’t begin to tell you the knowledge I received from this class. It was extremely eye opening, I had taken a class in Colorado and thought I was taught everything I needed to know by my instructor. That was until I sat in a class room with Chris, WOW! I consider myself a very disciplined and knowledgeable permit holder, but the way the laws and the consequences of pulling that trigger were explained by Chris really hit home with me. Thank you for opening my eyes and I believe everyone else’s in the classroom. My wife and her sister will be taking the woman’s only class very soon. Thank you Chandlers.

  163. Carol Ann Flahaven
    Carol Ann Flahaven says:

    My husband and I took the course today instructed by Jay Rohlik. First off, he is one of the best instructors we have ever had the privilege of listening to. The class time just flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go to the Range. Now remember today was cold, very cold and I was not looking forward to shooting outside. We arrived at the Range, walked through snow, shot, and we were done. My husband took the course as a refresher as he is a retired State Trooper and knew I didn’t want to take the course alone. He throughly enjoyed it! Hopefully Jay is available in five years for my renewal. A very thankful senior citizen couple!

  164. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    From the very first interaction to the congratulatory handshake at the end of the class, every step was handled with care that felt individual and thoughtful. THEY ALL LISTEN! Jamie is the master of organization and grace. Ryan’s class was professional, well-organized, very informative and fun. His personal insights and stories will stick with me and help me for a long time to come. I have already recommended Chandler’s and look forward to coming back for other classes and in five years to renew.

  165. Luci Struck
    Luci Struck says:

    Ryan was an awesome instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and delivered the content in an interesting and engaging manner so it was a great learning environment. Loved it!

  166. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    My husband and I took this class on Nov 20th and really enjoyed it. As this was my first time I learned a lot more than before. Jay was an awesome instructor and very patient with this class.

  167. Robert Bruce Brevitz
    Robert Bruce Brevitz says:

    I took the class yesterday with Kevin Mattakat. It was outstanding. Kevin answered all questions and was very thorough in his explanation of laws and different threat scenarios. Anyone even considering carrying a handgun should register for this class. Kevin was an approachable instructor and I came away with a sense of what an awesome responsibility it is to carry a weapon. If you’re thinking about taking a C/C class, do it with Chandler’s.

  168. Roger Price
    Roger Price says:

    Course and materials was very good. Kevin Mattakat was an engaging and dynamic presenter. I didn’t lose focus or interest once the whole day. Environment was pleasant and unintimidating. Very good experience.

  169. Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper says:

    I took your class this weekend nov 20th in Wilmar the class was great Michael did a great job he covered everything very well, I will definitely follow up my training with you guys everyone was great through the whole process thank you.

  170. Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson says:

    Bobby Thompson was a great instructor for the class. As being an experienced shooter I suggest that people who have never shot a gun before take an introduction course to shooting before doing the certification part of the shooting.

  171. Deb Koester
    Deb Koester says:

    Mike Richardson did an awesome job teaching the class in Searles yesterday. He was very knowledgeable in all areas. Mike’s humor is great and his stories were interesting in how they related to the laws that we all need to be aware of while carrying. I felt very safe on the shooting range with his patience, knowledge and skill. It was a truly and enjoyable class and will be recommending it to many. Thank you, Mike!

  172. Jerry Klapak
    Jerry Klapak says:

    Excellent course covering a ton of material – but it was well planned and presented in a very thorough manner. Book recommended was an excellent resource as well. Educational beyond the law and details around carrying – had an overall safety and awareness component as well. It was clear that there is a ton of knowledge available beyond what was taught and is available to students at any time. Great focus on personal and gun safety as well.

  173. Bonita Welinski
    Bonita Welinski says:

    My husband and I took the class with Chris and Kevin as our instructors on Oct 29th in Rice. The course had lots of information, but they kept it upbeat which made the day go by fast. We would definitely recommend anyone to take the class with Chandler’s Conceal & Carry. I’d really like to also take the second class to help improve my skills!

  174. Lisa C
    Lisa C says:

    My daughter and I took the ladies only class on November 5th. Jamie was our instructor. She was very knowledgeable and made the class enjoyable. Neither one of us was the least bit bored. I’ll definitely be back when I need to renew.

  175. Rosemary and Elena
    Rosemary and Elena says:

    Thank you so much Don, Elena and I gained so much knowledge from your class on Saturday.11-5-16. You made us feel so comfortable shooting at the range, I’m not going to lie to you, I was very nervous, shooting the weapon but with your guidance and knowledge I overcame it very fast. Look forward to more classes with you, and Thank you for being very patient with all of us, P/S, went to Bills in Hudson on Sunday. and target shoot for 1 hr. So awesome felt comfortable with the 22 handgun. See you soon for defensive training our next class. Thanks so much.

  176. Sue M
    Sue M says:

    I attended the woman’s only class on October 29th. Jamie was our instructor and she definitely knows her stuff!! Even if I never carry a firearm, the knowledge you get from this class is invaluable! I highly recommend taking this class from Chandlers!

  177. Greg Kenyon
    Greg Kenyon says:

    Attended class 10/29/16. Ryan was the instructor. He
    is an outstanding,personable,
    very knowledgeable,easy to
    listen to lndividual. He was great in class and at the

  178. Mitch Dahl
    Mitch Dahl says:

    Just went thru the CCW course on Sunday, 10/30 with Ryan. Needed to get a Minnesota permit because of a change in Minnesota law that revoked the reciprocity between Wisconsin and Minnesota. Couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable instructor than Ryan! Kept everyone engaged and was never boring. Went thru the laws very thoroughly, and made sure everyone understand before moving on. I would definitely recommend Chandlers and Ryan for this course, and I’m looking forward to taking the advanced pistol course, along with hand to hand training in the near future. I really enjoyed the course and people from Chandlers. Thx!

  179. Sy
    Sy says:

    Very informative. Little did I know how careful one must be if you are carrying and before even thinking about using your weapon. Dan is an exceptional instructor. Good discussions.

  180. Randy Schacht
    Randy Schacht says:

    Excellent class, great instructor, and lots of information. I would recommend this class to friends even if they don’t want to carry just for the information you receive from it. Thanks, Randy

  181. Tim
    Tim says:

    I attended the October 15th class in Austin.
    Our instructor was Ryan. I was very pleased with his wealth of knowledge and professionalism!
    He was very patient and answered every question very thoroughly.
    The two major areas of the class which are covered in great detail are safety and handgun laws. Ryan made sure we all were very clear on both. I had no idea how many nuances there were when it came to handgun laws. Every different action carries a different ramification.
    Ryan emphasized to only use your handgun If there is absolutely NO other reasonable alternative and what you should expect to happen even then.
    Chandler’s also offers a companion book that covers everything that is covered in class. I strongly recommend getting it. It is an invaluable resource!
    At the range, Ryan made sure you were relaxed and comfortable with your firearm.
    If you have other questions, you can call Chandler’s and they can answer any other questions you might have. Jamie is very friendly and knowledgeable.
    I highly recommend Chandler’s!!!

  182. Annette Gonzalez
    Annette Gonzalez says:

    Kevin was our instructor and he was very informational and very good when it came to the gun range I’m really glad that I went to this class thanks a lot

  183. Tammy York
    Tammy York says:

    Dan was an awesome instructor. The class was very informative and interesting. I referred two of my friends to your class and they are signed up. Thanks! See you again in 5 years!

  184. Joe Lawler
    Joe Lawler says:

    My Fiance and I took Bobby’s class on Oct 9th. Very informative and entertaining.
    The shooting test, Bobby was extremely helpful, making the whole experience less stressful.
    Thank you!!!!

  185. Janice Thompson
    Janice Thompson says:

    My husband, daughter and I attended the class taught by Bobby Thomson. The instructor was excellent. He answered all our questions thoroughly. I cannot say enough about how well Mr. Thomson worked with me at the firing range. He walked me through the whole process in a kind and professional manner. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to become more knowledgeable of the conceal and carry laws of Minnesota to obtain their training certificate.

  186. Matt B
    Matt B says:

    My wife and I took this class on Sept. 24. We both enjoyed the class because it answered most of the questions we had about carrying, we learned a lot, and it was informal and easy to stay engaged. I would recommend the class to anyone.

  187. Jayne Wiese
    Jayne Wiese says:

    Jamie did a great job teaching a women’s only class. I took the class on Saturday September 24th, it was so informative the time just few by. Looking forward to taking the practical shooting class.

  188. LeEarl Rugland
    LeEarl Rugland says:

    This was my 3rd time taking a training class in the past 10 years. I decided I would try Chandler’s Firearms Training with Ryan McCusker. I am so glad I did. This class was very informative and down to earth for everyone. Our class had a mix of male and female students in all ages. Ryan did a great job of instruction and information. I learned more in this class then the others I have completed combined. This course could have easily been 2 hours longer without losing my interest.

    If you have any desire to carry a firearm I would recommend this course. You will walk out knowing your rights and feeling confident to carry.

  189. Mark James
    Mark James says:

    Ryan did a great job in the training of the class. I had my wife and daughter take the class and they were nervous about shooting but Ryan made them feel very comfortable in shooting a semi auto pistol..

  190. Julie
    Julie says:

    I attended the September 17th course taught by Bobby. The course was excellent with lots of valuable, practical information. Bobby is an engaging speaker and the videos are terrific. I highly recommend!

    • Kathy
      Kathy says:

      My husband and I are senior citizens and were renewing our permits to carry. This class was far superior to the last one we took. We would highly recommend Chandler’s to any senior citizen looking for supportive and complete instruction.

  191. Debbie Donahoe
    Debbie Donahoe says:

    I was in the June 25th class with Don. We had some minor complications with the cooling system on a very hot day, Don handled everything very well. I learned a lot I did not learn at my first class. I was having trouble with a hurt shoulder and Don showed me how to hold my gun so it didn’t hurt to shoot. I thought I had to buy a new gun. I didn’t tell him, but the gun was one reason I got my conceal and carry in the first place. It was my Dads 357 and he has past away. Thank you Don! It is very dear to me.

  192. Allan
    Allan says:

    I attended Chris’s class on 6/12. First time taking a Conceal & Carry. Thought I would be bored out of my mind. Not the case. Chris keep it interesting, entertaining. Learned a lot of new information. Anyone asks me where to take “a” class I will give them Chris’s card. See you when I need my renew

  193. David Stolt
    David Stolt says:

    I attended Ryan’s 6/25 class in Austin and felt I learned a lot from it. It was well presented and Ryan kept it topical, on point, and interesting with his tremendous knowledge and endless enthusiasm. I really liked how he clearly explained the intricacy of the many laws governing conceal and carry. I also couldn’t believe how his recommendations to me on hand positioning improved my accuracy out on the range! I am already recommending Chandlers Conceal & Carry classes to all my friends. Thanks for an informative and fun day!

  194. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    My husband & I attended the class on June 25 with Ryan. He presented the information in a direct and knowledgeable manner. The range portion was met with challenging conditions with the temps very warm and strong wind conditions. Ryan kept the class going with ease. I highly recommend your classes to anyone interested in gun/permit instruction.

  195. David Sikes
    David Sikes says:

    Ryan’s concealed carry class was presented
    in a very informative and easy understanding way. I would recommend this class to anyone who is considering conceal carry I will also be interested in your other advanced shooting classes.

    Thank you very much.

  196. Anne McMahon
    Anne McMahon says:

    I attended this class this past Saturday in forest lake. Ryan did a great job of packing in a ton of information in an easy to understand way. He also made it fun to listen to. He was also super helpful and gave me really good feedback in the range part. I was very impressed with this experience. Thank you!!

  197. Terry Weicherding
    Terry Weicherding says:

    I attended the class this past weekend in Searles. Awesome class, 5 hours felt like 1 hour. Mike and Jay did a great job! Learned a great deal more then I ever would have thought! Great job and I am going to pass out the cards to my freinds and encourage them to attend a Chandler course!

  198. Pamela Weicherding
    Pamela Weicherding says:

    The class was very educational and informative. Michel was a great instructor. Great sense of humor and made the class fun!

  199. Molly Willing
    Molly Willing says:

    I took the class with Ryan this past Saturday (6/11) in North Branch, MN. He does an EXCELLENT job at presenting practical information in an easy to understand way. You can tell this is an instructor that knows the laws, regulations, and the firearms he carries very well. I enjoyed the course and felt like this was very worthwhile. I will be taking more classes from Chandler’s in the future. Thank You!

  200. Mike Stephan
    Mike Stephan says:

    This was a very organized and professional course. It was a friendly atmosphere with a great instructor (Ryan McCusker). Thank you for making this program available to everyone so that we may exercise our 2nd amendment rights! I will recommend this to my friends.

  201. Donal Regelman
    Donal Regelman says:

    To Whom It May Concern; Last Sat( June 4th) I had the opportunity to attend my CC renewal class in Woodville, WI. and have one of the most enjoyable and educational classes I have experienced. This was my 3rd time through this type of class and it was so superior in every way that I was delighted. Don Chandler was an exceptional instructor and that is after having had about 5-6 years of onsite Graduate Studies at number of universities. All aspects of the Course were excellent (structure, materials, presentation, and the enrollment which I believe Jamie handled from the home office. All in all this was an excellent experience.Thank you Chandler Conceal and Carry. Don Regelman

  202. Joe Gray
    Joe Gray says:

    Awesome information. I greatly appreciate the knowledge given in the class in such a short time. I learned a lot but still have a lot to learn. I’ve recommended Chandlers to all my friends! Thanks again.

  203. Bill
    Bill says:

    Chris teaches a great class! Legal factors in self-defense were particularly well handled, but no aspect of carry-permit training was neglected. It would be difficult indeed to pack more information into a single day’s training suitable for students of varied background and experience. If I had a criticism, it would be that several of the visual aids were hard to read.

  204. Adriane
    Adriane says:

    Ryan was great! He made it easy to comprehend dense material. I loved Burnsville gun range too. Not intimidating. I have recommended your group to others. I would consider adding private session information to your website. I would also explore the possibility of having classes in other areas of the south metro.

  205. Mike Crow
    Mike Crow says:

    First I would like to thank you all for putting together such a great class. There was a lot of knowledge put out there in such a short time and it was very well worth going to it. I will recommend this class to everyone. I did learn a lot and know there is a lot more to learn. I have the book and did start read it. You all have a very great day.

  206. Cindy Denzer
    Cindy Denzer says:

    Thank you for a wonderful experience with the class held on May 22nd conceal and carry with Bobbie Thomson. He was a great instructor. Very informative, kept the class moving at a perfect pace and so helpful at the gun range. I recommend him to anyone who wants to take this class and again thank you for a wonderful experience!!

  207. Kim
    Kim says:

    Bobby did a FANTASTIC job with the 5/22 class in Chatfield. I learned so many things and I will be recommending this class to any others that are interested in their permit to carry. Thank you so much!

  208. Galen Wittenberg
    Galen Wittenberg says:

    My first Conceal & Carry class and found it very interesting and informative. Chris and Jamie did a great job of keeping it moving and holding your attention. The time went by very quickly. They did a great job of answering any and all questions. The Village Inn was a great place for a class.

  209. Tom Lawson
    Tom Lawson says:

    Great class!!! Chris and Jamie did a great job keeping the class informative as well as interesting. Will definitely recommend to my friends and anyone that has an interest. Thank you Chris and Jamie.

  210. Frank Huber
    Frank Huber says:

    Ryan did an excellent job presenting the material. He presented material, such as the levels of awareness that I plan to share with my family. The class time flew by because the material was interesting and the presentation was well done. Thanks!

  211. John Corradini
    John Corradini says:

    Ryan’s presentation was excellent. He handled the subject matter in a very practical way and followed the text book thoroughly. I will be recommending Chandler’s training in the future.

  212. David stenbakken
    David stenbakken says:

    Ryan’s class was very good. I have taken this class from a guy from the prison and he was an ex-cop as well. He was not as thorough as Ryan and I will definitely be interested in more training from Chandler’s.

  213. Vic Stanchfield
    Vic Stanchfield says:

    I took the class on May 7th 2016 in Outing and of the 3 classes I’ve taken, this class by Chris was the best by far. I learned a lot and it was enjoyable and the time went fast.
    Great job Chris, Vic.

  214. Thomas Voth
    Thomas Voth says:

    Bobby did a great job getting all the information to us in the time we had. I also purchased the book and that is very value added to review as the class slides were taken from the book.

  215. Jeff Vitali
    Jeff Vitali says:

    Great job. Good refresher for adults and great introduction for my daughter and her boyfriend.Great emphasis on the letter of the law. Thanks for your time and dedication.

  216. Brandon Balzer
    Brandon Balzer says:

    Mike did a great job with the class. In my opinion, everyone should invest in a conceal carry class. It sets the record straight about CC holders and the responsibility a person takes on if they should decide to carry. I probably won’t carry, but it got me interested in home and personal defense tactics.

  217. Iva and Merritt Peterson
    Iva and Merritt Peterson says:

    This was our application for renewing our conceal and carry so had a good comparison of training material and presentation compared to our first training course. Chris did an excellent job in presentation and provided excellent help at the range. My wife and I came out of the class very well informed.

  218. Tod bertsch
    Tod bertsch says:

    Class questions were all answered and it covered a lot of ground on carry/conceal. I can now make that very important responsible decision. Thank You.

  219. fred wright
    fred wright says:

    Ryan did a very good job. it was a good refresher. There is never enough time to cover everything. I would recommend the course. This was close and convenient.

  220. Todd Dembsky
    Todd Dembsky says:

    I truly enjoyed Ryan as an instructor. He was able to make some dry material interesting and keep the class engaged. His personality fits perfectly on the firing range. Giving great advice, but never making you feel like you were getting a lecture. I give Ryan a 5 star rating.

  221. Bruce Potter
    Bruce Potter says:

    Was very Good. Mike Richardson was excellent.
    I think there are people should take this class even if they will not carry. Might calm some fears.

  222. Russ Philstrom
    Russ Philstrom says:

    I enjoyed the class. We moved along at a comfortable pace and got answers to our questions. He did a good job of covering the questions on the surrounding states and also the Florida permit. Things went safely and at a good pace on the firing range too. All in all Chris did a very good job and I will recommend this class to my family and friends.

  223. Lonnie Lovick
    Lonnie Lovick says:

    I think Ryan did a great job training us! He provided interesting examples of things that have happend to people he knows making it more believable. Ryan was amazingly patient. Everyone learned a lot!

  224. Pamela and Loren Krahn
    Pamela and Loren Krahn says:

    We took this course and found it to be very informative and helpful. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and was always ready to answer any questions that anyone had. He was very patient with all the questions to make sure that everyone grasped the information. Our instructor was Bobby Thomson.

  225. Daryl Kichler
    Daryl Kichler says:

    My instructor was Ryan McCusker. He did a very good job. He answered all questions and was very pleasant to listen to. I wish there would of been an other instructor at the range. The first person in had no idea how handle or use a gun and he took about 30 minutes instructing her.

  226. Jenna Murray
    Jenna Murray says:

    Amazing class, so much information delivered in an easy to follow along method. I normally find myself daydreaming off while sitting in a class, and that didn’t happen once. Great class, great instructor. Will be recommending to anyone interested in attending a carry class!!

  227. Dianne Ford
    Dianne Ford says:

    Dear Sir: this was such a wonderful class. I enjoyed it and learned so much from it. You were such an informative person and knew what you were talking about. You answered questions and were so nice to me and others. I was probably the oldest one in the class and had some health problems and still you took the time to help me. Thank you so much.

  228. Jon Hillesheim
    Jon Hillesheim says:

    The class is very informative and will be a helpful tool. The instructor was very knowledgeable and down to earth. I highly recommend these guys you will not be disappointed. Mike Richardson was my instructor.

  229. Chris G
    Chris G says:

    I thought this class was structured well but on the website it’s advertised as a mn wi FL class and I took it in Woodville. I was disappointed to find no information about the Wisconsin side. The class was mn information only. the instructor did a good job keeping the class moveing and he was very knowledgeable but being that I live in wi and work in MN I was looking for a class that had both in terms of information not just permits

  230. Barry
    Barry says:

    Mike Richardson gave a great class in Morristown last Saturday. He is very entertaining and has a tremendous way of applying real life scenarios to the classroom. He even brought us donuts! I highly recommend him.

  231. Jerry M. Gates
    Jerry M. Gates says:

    Fantastic class! Ryan is a knowledgeable and consummate professional. Class is not only informative, but a great value!

  232. Ron & Junice
    Ron & Junice says:

    Great Job Ryan! And thank you for the training and we do believe it fulfilled our expectations. And it’s great to know that the Chandler Company stands behind its course to continue to sever and help when in need; And thanks to Mike G. he was the one that encouraging us to go.
    Thanks Again!!

  233. Katie Endresen
    Katie Endresen says:

    I took the class with my husband and Mike was our instructor. He is awesome! He interacted with all of us and kept us interested in the information he was delivering. He also told us we could contact him if we ever have additional questions or want more information.
    Thanks, Mike!

  234. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Ryan was my instructor! I took the class with my Dad and Aunt and loved it! He has a lot of knowledge of what he does and a lot of passion to share it. Not only does he cover basic safety but laws and additional safety precautions to implement in your home! The structure of the class and presentation was done very well and professional. Loved the class. I walked away feeling very informed. THANKS RYAN!

  235. Barry Tegg
    Barry Tegg says:

    Thank you very much for the class!!!
    Chris is an excellent instructor and kept the class moving while at the same time delivering all the information. It was a great balance between his knowledge & personnel stories & the media.
    More importantly is Chandler’s follow through. I took the class a month ago and the people at Chandler are still supporting me. They’ve continued to help me past the class with my FL application and multiple Q & A. Their student support is the best!!!

  236. Danny Leach
    Danny Leach says:

    Chris was very informative and also hilarious. Learned a lot and had a great time doing it, the time just flew by. I’m resentful this state makes me have to take a class to exercise my right to carry but I really cant say enough about Chris, thank you so much. For what its worth, Ill be sending as many friends and coworkers your way as I can. (Inside funny) Armed Nuns rock. Thanks again.

  237. Amber Barthel
    Amber Barthel says:

    Thank you so much for all the information about safety!
    I know so much more about hand guns and safety and the do’s and don’ts now.
    You guys did awesome!!!

  238. Lou Pitka
    Lou Pitka says:

    Thank you for providing so much valuable information. Micheal is an awesome instructor!!! Mike really knows his stuff. He really cares about his students. I WILL BE RECOMMENDING Chandler’s to other people. I already have a friend that’s going to sign up for a class. THANK YOU MICHAEL… YOU’RE AWESOME!!! Also thank you Jamie for the thank you letter!!!

  239. George Schimmele
    George Schimmele says:

    I think Mike did a very good job he kept everyone in the class very interested through out the whole day. I could take another of his classes at any time.Tell Mike thanks again.

  240. David Bestler
    David Bestler says:

    Don was VERY knowledgeable and friendly. The staff at the Green Mill did a great job with the food/beverages. The only complaint I have is the large class size (40)which made for a longer day than anticipated. Thank you…Dave

  241. Barry Johansen
    Barry Johansen says:

    Ryan did a very nice job with the class. Good application of adult learning principles and practices. Kept things moving, appropriate classroom control,flawless use of media, etc.
    I may have missed him saying that he was using a ‘blue’ gun in class but in the rather dark room, it was difficult to know at first. The room at the Smoking’ Oak was a bit small and noisy, but it worked out well.
    I would have liked more hands on time at the range, but understand this is difficult with a group of 20. I guess I’ll just have to sign up for some instructor/range time to develop proper foundational skills and muscle memory.
    I’d make the book required reading and bump the price of the class to cover it.
    Nicely done!

  242. Wade Nelson
    Wade Nelson says:

    Ryan taught an excellent class in Austin Mn. He was very thorough and made sure you had a good basic understanding of conceal and carry. He stressed some resources to follow up with to make sure you are doing the responsible things as a CC person and a gun owner.
    Went the additional mile helping first time pistol owners get started off correctly and correcting some bad gun handling habits before they progressed. Thanks for the help Ryan it was very much appreciated.
    If you need the class we highly recommend it!
    Wade and Carolyn

  243. Kenneth Neff
    Kenneth Neff says:

    My wife and 26 year old son attended one of the sessions presented by Michel Richardson with me and both thought it was very informative and actually entertaining. Your trainer loves what he is doing and it shows. You are very fortunate to have an educator with his kind of passion. Good class!

  244. Sam DeBoer
    Sam DeBoer says:

    First off, I received an email saying thank you for attending your class. No I want to say THANK YOU for teaching an awesome class and thank you for taking the time to educate me and my father! Mike Richardson was an awesome instructor will be recommending to my friends and family about Chandlers. We really appreciate it!

  245. daniel hoover
    daniel hoover says:

    Bobbie was an excellent instructor, he knew the materials and presented them well. As an NRA instructor, I appreciate a well run class, and Bobbie covered some subjects in such a way I learned some things. Great job!

  246. RYAN H
    RYAN H says:


  247. Jeff C
    Jeff C says:

    I took the class in Morristown on March 12th. My instructor was Michel Richardson. The class was great and well-presented.

  248. Del Thompson
    Del Thompson says:

    Ryan was simply great! Excellent speaker with a solid understanding of the subject matter. I learned quite a bit and felt the day was well spent. Thanks so much for the professionalism. I will certainly recommend this to others. Thanks, Del

  249. Michael Nitz
    Michael Nitz says:

    March 2016

    Dear Chandler’s,

    As a person with teaching experience, I certainly was impressed with the criteria, planning and teaching skill our instructor used. All pertinent subjects were covered and all questions were patiently answered.

    I was also quite impressed with the emphasis that was put on the responsibilities of a gun owner. This included the amount of caution and safety related to carrying a firearm and was presented in a straight forward and very deliberate manner.

    I will recommend Chandler’s whenever I have the opportunity.


    Michael Nitz

  250. Diane Osceola
    Diane Osceola says:

    I attended the class on Saturday Feb. 27, 2016. Chris was a wealth of information, he presented the class professionally yet fun and entertaining. Great information about the laws, guns, cases and the Flashlight a weapon and purpose and I can travel with it..whoo. I wear my sweatshirt “Get Your Carry On” proudly :) I highly recommend your course and staff.
    Many Thanks, Diane Osceola

  251. Todd & Kerry Coleman
    Todd & Kerry Coleman says:

    We attended class on 2/28. The class was great, lots of information. Ryan was awesome — thorough, professional and patient! Highly recommend.

  252. Gaza Duna
    Gaza Duna says:

    I attended the February 27th class in Outing, MN. Though there was a large turn out, I got a lot out of the technical, and legal aspects of what the responsibilities of having a conceal & carry requires.
    I thought I should mention that one will not only receive the paperwork that needed, but also other forms of support that I wasn’t expecting.
    An included DVD with video’s, and the knowledge that Chris is willing to assist any hindrance’s that one can come across.

  253. Jessica Nelson
    Jessica Nelson says:

    I attended the class this last Sunday, the 21st. Chris made the class so entertaining and informative it was amazing. I felt very comfortable with my level of experience, which was very little, and Chris made everyone feel comfortable. I will tell everyone I know that is interested to use Chandler’s! Thank you so much!

  254. Tom olsen
    Tom olsen says:

    I took the class on Feb 21 with Chris. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He made the class fun and the time went by fast. My parents will be signing up for the class. The time spent is well worth the money.

  255. William Stemper
    William Stemper says:

    Great class! Very well presented and allowed for plenty of Q&A.
    Will recommend to friends and family.
    Especially liked the self-defense information.
    Nice job Chris!
    Chris, I did not take a t-shirt, you didn’t have my size. I would like the black one with the ‘Stay Calm’

  256. Jeff Brinkman
    Jeff Brinkman says:

    Attended class on Feb 13, 2016. I found Ryan to be very professional and informative.

    Thanks for your work in administrating this course.

  257. Chris Pearce
    Chris Pearce says:

    I want to thank Ryan for teaching the class. Ryan clearly knows what he’s talking about; to date my father mother and sister have taken Ryan’s class and we all can’t thank him enough. Thank you Chandler’s, you’re awesome!!!
    Chris Pearce

  258. randy
    randy says:

    Mike is a great instructor. I learned lot about self defense and how to carry and conceal and what to do in most situation. Thanks, had a great time.

  259. Mark Brudzinski
    Mark Brudzinski says:

    I did not know what to expect from the class and was pleasantly surprised. I thought the background information about self defense (situational awareness and avoidance) was excellent and so important to understanding the world we live in and the reasons behind conceal and carry. I especially liked Chris’ personal stories and examples that supported his teaching points. Chris did a great job explaining the law, the gravity and seriousness of choosing to conceal and carry, plus gun safety and basics of shooting. He was patient and answered many questions and he kept the class fun and entertaining. He packed in a lot of useful information in a short time. I highly recommend this class.

  260. Joan
    Joan says:

    Amazing instructors and so much fun! I love the all female class. It increased my comfort level tremendously. I no longer feel so nervous around handguns and had no idea I could shoot as well as I did. I would highly recommend this class!!

  261. Lori Schroepfer
    Lori Schroepfer says:

    Thank you Jamie (and Chris) for a most enlightening experience! I learned a lot that day, including disturbing stats on present situations. I would have liked more practice time, though. Will call if further questions. I will spread the word to those interested.

  262. Joshua Untershuetz
    Joshua Untershuetz says:

    This was not my first Conceal carry class and I can say I was very impressed. In five years I will absolutely be a repeat customer. From coordinating the event with Jamie to the class with Ryan, it was an excellent experience.

  263. Tom ryan
    Tom ryan says:

    Awesome instructor very thorough had fun and learned a lot I would recommend this class to everyone never once felt rushed answered any questions we had. Thank You Bobby Thomson

  264. Mark Brown
    Mark Brown says:

    I would highly recommend this class. Bobby was very informative on the subject matter. He answered all of the questions and kept the class moving along. At the range, he was very patient and took the time to make sure everyone handled the handgun properly.

  265. Jimmy Lee Winterowd
    Jimmy Lee Winterowd says:

    Thank you for a very effective and efficient presentation. The class held in Gibbon at The Clear Lake Community Church was excellent. The instructor, Ryan McCusker was engaging and well informed. I am going to recommend this class with no reservation.

  266. LaVerne
    LaVerne says:

    An interesting class that made a lot of sense and presented necessary material. Even though the class was quite large, everyone had the chance to ask questions and receive straight-forward answers. The instructors were excellent… Thanks

  267. Roger T.
    Roger T. says:

    I will recommend this class to friends that are looking to get a concealed carry permit as well as a refresher for current carriers.
    Chris has a lot of knowledge,very informative and answered all questions.

  268. Keith McIntosh
    Keith McIntosh says:

    The class was very well presented and met my expectations would recommend to anyone that is wanting to take the conceal and carry class.

  269. Colin Weingarten
    Colin Weingarten says:

    I believe I received a good grounding in the understanding of concealed carry laws and basic shooting orientation and would recommend the class to others. The classroom was very open to any questions.

  270. Arnie & Jody Meyer
    Arnie & Jody Meyer says:

    Ryan was extremely informative and knew exactly what he was talking about. He kept us all involved and taught us a lot.

  271. kirt whitney
    kirt whitney says:

    Great Class , great information.
    Don Chandler’s presentation was top notch.

    A lot of questions from others that took up time, but overall the information was presented great. I would insist you buy the book for 20.00; it is a great reference if you need to review. Take notes!!

  272. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    Chris was extremely knowledgeable and offered a ton of information. All information was relevant and useful. I took notes and even purchased a book to add more knowledge. Jamie was great and full of knowledge as well no matter how many times I called and had a question she took the time to answer it for me. My only con was how cold it was and we were shooting outdoors, that part felt rushed and I would have loved more time with that part otherwise all in all I would totally recommend this class to someone!

  273. Kathy Venn
    Kathy Venn says:

    My husband and I were so impressed with Ryan Mcckusker and his extensive knowledge. We took away so much more from this class than we thought we would. We have all ready recommended your course to several friends. Thank you,
    Mike and Kathy

  274. Barbara Weiland
    Barbara Weiland says:

    Ryan McCusker was an outstanding instructor in the Conceal and Carry class. The subject matter was intense, delivered by Ryan over an extended period of time, but no one wanted to miss a word of his information. There was much discussion during the breaks about the value and importance of his class, and I know we all left feeling the level of responsibility associated with carrying a concealed weapon, or any use of a gun to protect oneself and one’s family. To have an
    explanation of the laws pertaining to the use of firearms in self defense was so valuable to me since I have been looking at ways to protect myself and family in our somewhat remote location. Ryan handled the range exercise in a thoroughly professional
    manner and was polite and kind to the students. I feel so fortunate to have taken the class and to have had such an excellent instructor. Thank you, Chandler’s and thank you, Ryan.

  275. Brian J. Nolan
    Brian J. Nolan says:

    Michael Richardson did an OUTSTANDING job in the short amount of time he had. He did mention he thought the course should be longer and I totally agree, however, he also gave his cell number to us in the event of pertinent questions.

    Very professional, and very informative class!!

  276. Sean Parish
    Sean Parish says:

    I can not recommended this class high enough. Michel Richardson did a magnificent job in not only teaching a ton of information but also making it fun and interesting. Both Michel and Chris were a wealth of knowledge and experience who were more than happy to share with the rest of us. I will definitely be contacting Michel for further firearm instruction.

    My only gripe about the class was the location. The classroom was OK as long as someone wasn’t shooting in the adjoining indoor range. The real problem was the bathroom. There was only one and it was worse than a third world outhouse. I felt bad for the ladies that had to sit on that throne. This is an A+ class with outstanding instructors, it’s too bad it was in a C- location. I will definitely refer people to this class but I will suggest going to different location.

  277. Steve Foss
    Steve Foss says:

    I wanted to say Bobby did a great job, excellent class. Very well put together and interesting. I took alot out of the class. Thank you! I highly recommend this class.

  278. Michael Brazee
    Michael Brazee says:

    Bobby did a fantastic job. Very knowledgeable and educational. The material was presented in an easy to follow format, and he was always eager to answer any question. The training exceeded my expectations, and I am honored to be a better informed citizen in my area because of the training.

  279. james medlicott
    james medlicott says:

    I enjoyed the class, don was entertaining and informative. he taught us about laws the weapons and about not getting in bad situations. I will definitely suggest this class to people. I learned more than I expected to and was entertained while doing so

  280. Gary Halling
    Gary Halling says:

    Bobby did an excellent job! Very informative. Kept class moving. It was extremely cold at the range and he allowed me to sit in my car on the road until my turn came up. At 73 years old, that was much appreciated. I have already recommended this class to two others and will keep recommending it. Thanks for a great class and instructor.

  281. Chad
    Chad says:

    Bobby did a great job and is very knowledgeable. I learned so much from the class that even if people aren’t going to carry I will encourage people to take the class just for knowledge that is gained. Thank you.

  282. kristofer
    kristofer says:

    Michel was a great instructor covered all the info well and had lots of fun while doing so will definitely be recommending this class to others

  283. Erik Leirmo
    Erik Leirmo says:

    I took a concealed carry class on 1/11 and it was extremely interesting and informative. Chris Chandler did an awesome job and anyone who wants to take the class I’m recommending Chandlers

  284. Larry Mattson
    Larry Mattson says:

    Good class. This was a renewal for me and it was good to go back through the information again. Cold as all getout at the range as there was a light wind and it took a while for everyone to shoot because the 22 semiautomatics did not want to feed in the cold temps.

  285. Anthony G Larimer
    Anthony G Larimer says:

    Very good class. Was my re-cert class. He was very thorough and like able. He answered all questions, offered to look up those that he wasn’t sure about. He was very good at the range too.

  286. Troy Hawkshead
    Troy Hawkshead says:

    Great job by Ryan made it very clear about responsibilities that go along with carrying a weapon. Range time could have been better. I am a strong backer of 2nd amendment rights, But some of the class members should have had more experience with a firearm or hand gun before taking the class.

  287. Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson says:

    Ryan did a great job teaching the class! It never once got boring. I gained a lot of information that I was previously unaware of. Thanks again.

  288. AL hacken
    AL hacken says:

    I want to say what a excellent class it was. Very well put together and interesting. I took alot out of the class. Thank you! I highly recommend you to anyone that wants to take the class.

  289. Kevin johnson
    Kevin johnson says:

    A great class that educates the responsibilities of a carry permit. The range exersise was rushed a little due to time. I recommend taking the class before purchasing a gun. It gives you more information to consider.

  290. Jeffry Swertfeger
    Jeffry Swertfeger says:

    I wanted to thank you and Bobby Thomson for a fantastic class on Saturday. Bobby was thorough, helpful, and patient for those who were not as comfortable with a firearm. I have already given your name to friends as you come highly recommended!

  291. Mary Madson
    Mary Madson says:

    Thank you for the informative class, we covered a lot of information and will be very useful in the future. I also purchased the book that you had at the class, my son said it would be a great reference guide for me in days to come. I agree, an indoor shooting range would be awesome, but the outdoor one worked just fine too. Thanks again. Mary

  292. Blaine Kutzler
    Blaine Kutzler says:

    A very pleasant and informative class. the only way I see to be better is have an indoor shooting range.
    Thanks, Blaine

  293. Shelly Buchanan
    Shelly Buchanan says:

    I was honestly expecting to be a little bored throughout the class but I didn’t find that to be the case at all! The videos and real-life scenarios are very helpful and Bobby was a great teacher. I feel this class would benefit everyone and would highly recommend it to others (and already have!) Thank you!

  294. Jason Linder
    Jason Linder says:

    This class exceeded my expectations in every area. Although this was my first formal CCW class, I was very knowledgeable going in and I still learned a great deal of practical information. Chris and Jamie ran the entire experience from beginning to end as if students were guests. They provided all the tools and information I needed to confidently carry out my responsibilities as a CCW holder. Because of a physical disability Chris even took extra time with me at the range to give me advice on how to become proficient and safe with my individual needs. I will refer ALL of my friends and family to Chandler’s and WILL RETURN FOR EVERY RENEWAL!

  295. Ken Anderson
    Ken Anderson says:

    Great class. Chris was a great teacher, very informative, and with good experiences. He made it very non-threatening. He was patient and treated the class as if he was on a mission to give the best information possible. I would, and have, recommended it to friends.

  296. Jesse Frandrup
    Jesse Frandrup says:

    Don was very informative and passionate. Would refer him to friends. Only negative would be people commenting too much making the class longer than needed.

  297. Kent Hemshrot
    Kent Hemshrot says:

    Excellent class , Mike was a great instructor. He made the class informative and fun. I am a retired State Trooper and have been through numerous firearms classes and would rate this one as excellent.

  298. Joe Kirkwood
    Joe Kirkwood says:

    Very informative class. A lot of information not normally thought of when considering concealed carry. Chris’ presentation is clear & easy to understand.

  299. Kerry Soiney
    Kerry Soiney says:

    This was my third C&C course. Your pleasant instructor did a real good job of covering a lot of information in a short period of time. I also learned some new information because of some good questions and discussion.

  300. Jim Murphy
    Jim Murphy says:

    I enjoyed the class on November 7 at Coopers.
    Very informative. All questions were answered
    ans it’s obvious our instructor, Don, knows his stuff!

    Thanks again, Jim Murphy.

  301. Steven Hartlep
    Steven Hartlep says:

    Just want to say that the November 8th class with Chris was exactly what I was looking for. I have very little experience with firearms, outside the very occasional pheasant hunt, so what I learned from Chris about handguns safety and legal issues was an eye-opener. I am still going to get my permit, but I realize that I still have much to learn! Thank you.

  302. Abe Jahnke
    Abe Jahnke says:

    Great class! Chris Chandler is an awesome instructor. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you decide not to carry, this was very informative! Well worth the money!!

  303. Rick Chanslor
    Rick Chanslor says:

    Class and instructor(Derrick) was great. I wish the firearms test was more involved. That deals with state requirements more than the conduct of the class.

  304. Joseph Allen Grafft
    Joseph Allen Grafft says:

    Derick is an exceptional Conceal and Carry Instructor. He did an outstanding job and I will definitely take your refresher class again in the future. I live in Anoka County and presented my renewal application today and received a $25 discount because I renewed early.
    Thanks Again
    Joe G.

  305. H. Leach
    H. Leach says:

    Chris made our class fun and interesting. I used to hand over my weapon to my husband when ever I had a “click” or jam. NOW I feel more confident to solve the problem. I recommend this class HIGHLY.

  306. Kautz/Rolsch
    Kautz/Rolsch says:

    Ryan did a GREAT Job with the class. We would
    certainly recommend the course to all. Thank you for an enjoyable day.

  307. Mary Jo Banken
    Mary Jo Banken says:

    Mike and I took the class today. I found Derrick Green to be a great instructor. I learned a lot by taking the class and was glad I did. I really appreciate the information that was shared and the professional manner in which it was done. Thank you Derrick! Well done!

  308. Kevin Delk
    Kevin Delk says:

    Enjoyed your class. Very informational and professional. Best idea shared was the insurance to purchase. Great plan to protect our personal assets.

  309. Eric Allen
    Eric Allen says:

    I took my course on September 19th with the President, Chris Chandler. I was not really sure what to expect, but I am so happy that I was referred to Chandler’s Conceal & Carry Instruction. Not only was Chris a great instructor, but he also showed great pride and respect for what he does. He was welcoming to all that attended and made sure that EVERYONE was comfortable and had their questions answered. I would absolutely recommend anyone looking to take the course for their first time, or renewal, with this company. Hands down, an all around great experience. Thanks Chris!

  310. Gary Hachfeld
    Gary Hachfeld says:

    I already had my permit but wanted to sit in as a refresher. Michael did a very good job and I appreciate that he put the laws section first because that was the part I was most interested in regarding the refresher. The class did go longer than advertised but it was all excellent information.

  311. Curtiss Stark
    Curtiss Stark says:

    Class Date – 09-13-2015

    Excellent class, the information provided was presented in a clear easy to follow format. Handling your weapon safely and avoidance through awareness were stress.

    Chris is an excellent instructor and I would recommend this class to anyone.

  312. lynette dahms
    lynette dahms says:

    Bobby was excellent. I felt relaxed in a room full of men because he didn’t treat me different. Tell him ‘thank you’. During my life when involved with predominately male things I’ve gone to I have been treated different in a negative sense.

  313. Ben OByrne
    Ben OByrne says:

    Bobby Thompson was a very knowledgeable instructor willing to answer any questions and also willing to provide safe handling instructions of students own firearms. Recommend to friends and family

  314. Allen johnson
    Allen johnson says:

    Our class August 15 with Ryan was a great, informative class. Ryan did a great job with explaining all the laws and the regulations of the Carry Permit. Would highly recommend Chandler’s conceal and carry classes.

  315. Scot Thompson
    Scot Thompson says:

    The class (Chris, July 25,2015) was well presented and thorough, good class participation from all- a good sign of an engaged and knowledgeable instructor. The class room location was very good and the on-site lunch availability took away a logistical issue for food. I have participated in a myriad of training courses and this was better than most for basic instruction.

  316. Paula Crowley
    Paula Crowley says:

    Our class with Don Chandler very enjoyable. Not only was all the information wel presented, he created an atmosphere of ease where all the students interacted and shared their stories. I have been in many classes over the years and when time flies by, it shows that the teacher is excellent and very knowledgeable.

    At the range, several of us brought our own weapons. Don walked thru some things we may not have known about our individual weapons. Individuals from the group were trying others weapons either because they had never fired that specific weapon or to compare similar weapons. We had a lot of fun, everyone was very safe and no one failed the shooting part of the course.

    I would highly recommend Chandler’s. Definitely bring your own weapon and don’t be afraid to use it at the range. Thanks so much for a great course!

  317. Megan Green
    Megan Green says:

    My dad and I took Derrick’s course on Sunday the 19th. He did a great job at keeping the presentation engaging and moving along. I liked all of the real world situations and videos incorporated in the training. Derrick made it easy to picture myself in a situation and realize the true responsibility of carrying a weapon. I appreciated the perspective he was able to offer from his EMS job too. Thanks for a great class Derrick!

  318. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    Mike was an awesome instructor!! The class was fun and informative. I appreciate the emphasis on the responsibility to maintain ourselves as respectable permit carriers.

  319. Rick Anderson
    Rick Anderson says:

    Just my take…Ryan presented an outstanding class on about every angle on c/c and personal experiences. He took the time 1 on 1 to help all of us to understand the responsibilities and the gun handling to improve on. Thank You so much and will keep up an eye on your upcoming classes. BTW my grouping 9mm shield at 25 yrds is now 8″ thanks to Ryan’s tips

  320. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    Class was great! Ryan was super attentive, and he made the class interesting and fun. He was very patient and helpful at the range bi would definitely recommend this to anyone!

  321. Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson says:

    I really enjoyed this class. Chris’s knowledge of gun safety and laws was great. I was reminded of things I never should have forgot and learned things that are going to be very valuable to myself and family.

  322. Albert schaechterle
    Albert schaechterle says:

    The class was very informative and the instructor was very detailed Too all questions the training and the safety training was exceptionally Great and was done in a professionally way thank you very much for All training and thoughts and opinions you have that you shared with all

  323. Gene Stroth
    Gene Stroth says:

    OMG Derrick Green!!! You could NOT ask for a better instructor. His ability to teach and instruct is amazing. I would HIGHLY recommend Derrick Green to everyone he is very informative and does a great job.

  324. Dan Farrand
    Dan Farrand says:

    Great class for anyone who owns a gun, even if they don’t plan to carry. Chris did an exceptional job of being entertaining and informative. Covers a lot of needed information for any gun owner, from protecting the home to protecting yourself and your loved ones. Would and will recommend to anyone and everyone.

  325. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Instructor Mike Richardson is one of a kind. In his 4-and-a-half hour training session, he covers all of the basics from gun safety to gun laws. A knowledgeable ex-military handgun expert, Mike offers certification for permit application submission upon successful completion of the hands-on portion of his training at the shooting range following his presentation. I would definitely recommend Michel Richardson and Chandler’s to any friend or family member who is interested in owning and/or carrying a handgun for personal protection.

  326. Walter Odello
    Walter Odello says:

    Don did a great job presenting the information at the class. The class curriculum was also very well laid out.

  327. Yasmin
    Yasmin says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the instructor as well as the additional information learned. I look forward to taking the class again as a refresher!
    Thank you for making it available to us and for taking the time to make it happen!
    I signed my wife up for the next one!

  328. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    Class was great. Goes over everything and answers any and all questions. Chris made the 5 hour class exciting and very informational. Would reccomend to anyone that is looking for a good class to take.
    Thanks again.

  329. Decker
    Decker says:

    I really enjoyed this class, learned more than I already knew, and I would recommend this class to anyone I know. Thanks again!

  330. Chas Strein
    Chas Strein says:

    Well done. The course serves a good purpose. Thank you. Learned a lot, good reference materials. The c d provides coverage of pertinent laws and issues. And, the course pointed out cautions I need to observe.

  331. dan randall
    dan randall says:

    Enjoyed my training session with Don. He did a great job answer questions and explaining things and was just supper at the range. If I could suggest just one thing, that would be that he learn how to manage those in the class who take up too much of the class time talking about their own specific ideas and beliefs. Our class wen long by about 1 hour and I think most of it was because of one person talking too long. On the positive side, Don was a very patient listener.
    Thanks, I learned a lot and will be more yellow aware going forward.

  332. Curtis Kempton
    Curtis Kempton says:

    This class was great. I had fun and learned a lot. They were not only helpful during the class but after as well. I stayed in contact and asked a lot of questions as they came up and they always got back to me with answers very quickly.

  333. lana alling
    lana alling says:

    We had Derrick. What a great instructor. Lots off good info. He kept the class moving. Very glad we took his class.

  334. Steve Mereness
    Steve Mereness says:

    Class was very good. Learned a great deal. Don was an excellent speaker and very interesting. The class ran a little longer than I had hoped. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend.

  335. Julie Eidem and Don Diercks
    Julie Eidem and Don Diercks says:

    We had no idea what to expect, but throughly enjoyed the class. Ryan was very informative and and an excellent teacher. Took time to answer all questions and shooting the gun. It actually was a fun day. We would recommend this gun training class to anyone.
    Thank You

  336. Erin Hammell
    Erin Hammell says:

    I had a great time on Saturday. I was never bored and I learned a lot. It was my first time shooting a handgun and this hands on class helped me feel more comfortable. Thanks!!!!

  337. Ken Peterson
    Ken Peterson says:

    I have shot for 45 years and this was still a very good session, not just for the concealed carry permit, but for overall shooting advice.

    Mr. Chandler kept everything interesting and answered all questions.

    I highly recommend this course for the first time shooter or life time shooters

  338. Andy Poczos
    Andy Poczos says:

    Very well articulated by Ryan. Professionally done by a well versed man! Is it possible to list a few indoor ranges that allow trial handgun shooting. Andy Poczos

  339. John Neska
    John Neska says:

    Don did a great job on Saturday. Very easy to listen too. I will put out the word on “Chandlers” Tell Don that Dakota County charges $20 for finger prints. Thanks again! John Neska

  340. roger Karshbaum
    roger Karshbaum says:

    Great class. I found the personal safety part to be of great interest and informative. I would recommend the class to anyone, even if they do not want to conceal/carry. The instructors were well versed and made it interesting. Keep up the good work.

  341. Danae Reuter
    Danae Reuter says:

    I took the all women’s class with Chris and Jamie and felt very comfortable. Jamie was learning to instruct but you couldn’t tell we were her first class because she did a wonderful job. I was nervous about attending but Chris and Jamie put me at ease immediately. I learned a lot about handguns, state laws and my constitutional right to carry. The class was informative, informal and fun. I would and do recommend Chandler’s Conceal and Carry classes to everyone who wants to get their permit or renew their existing one. Chris and Jamie are the best!

  342. Gary Illies
    Gary Illies says:

    I enjoyed the class and found it to be very beneficial. I do feel Chris did an outstanding job with his presentation of the material. It was interesting and well laid out.

    Thank You,


  343. Michael Scheibel
    Michael Scheibel says:

    I was skeptical about getting carry training though your organization and was told by an acquaintance to get the training through a different organization. I am extremely happy that I didn’t take that advice. Ryan did a class act,professional job presenting the class. It was thorough, practical and easy to understand. Great job. I will recommend your organization to people in the future. Thanks, Mike

  344. David Norton
    David Norton says:

    I thought the class was very informative and taught in a manner of which all the subject matter could be taken in clearly. Don did a nice job and seems to know the information.

  345. Jill and Jon Bjork
    Jill and Jon Bjork says:

    This was a great class.. Chris, Jamie and Derrick all made it fun and not boring for us to sit there for all that time. I am usually a antsy person and you all kept my attention all day.. I was a little nervous at the range but after a few shots, it was fun! I usually just shoot my 30/30. so it was different to have a little gun in my hands.. I can’t wait to read the book and get more involved in the new venture of carrying.. Thanks for your efforts in keeping us safe from what or who ever is out there.. ;) Jill Bjork

  346. Jeff Sheldon
    Jeff Sheldon says:

    Excellent class. Info was spot-on and answered many of the questions I had been thinking about. Met new people and enjoyed the real life situations and how to handle them. Can’t stop talking about what I learned and reading the book. Thanks also for the support offered after the course if I should have further questions or concerns.

  347. Bob
    Bob says:

    The money and time spent on Chris’s class was well worth it and gave me a better understanding of what conceal and carry is all about and how we need to handle and react if the moment should ever arise to use deadly force. (I HOPE THAT NEVER HAS TO TAKE PLACE!)
    Thanks again,

  348. Jeannette Crawmer
    Jeannette Crawmer says:

    Thank you for a very good class. Ryan and Derek did a super job. Conducting the class ‘off the cuff’ rather than reading from text, made it a very personal and informative class. I actually took this class from a different vender 2 years ago. Chandler’s was about 2 hrs. longer and 10 times better. Being over 70 I really appreciated being able to shoot a gun I could handle vs the 40 cal. I had to shoot at the previous class (30 rounds) I missed their expectations by 2 shots thus was failed and asked to take extra training at additional cost. I will recommend Chandler’s to everyone.
    (not to mislead anyone, I am familiar with guns, but have given my 410 and my 243 to grandsons so I am no longer an active hunter)

  349. Terry Timm
    Terry Timm says:

    I thought the class was tip-top. I learned a lot, and I feel like it was time, and money well spent. I appreciate the application forms,cd,and the book, good resources! My thought is, the class could stand to be an hour longer. It seems like we had to rush things at the end, and I would prefer to take in as much as possible when it comes to training. Also, I felt like you guys were cordial, intentional, and professional. Thank you!

  350. Pam Nuessmeier
    Pam Nuessmeier says:

    I want to thank you! I feel very confident that you know the information you presented and you keep up on the latest information. I felt you kept the class going so it didn’t feel like a long day! You made the class fun! Thank you again! I was very glad to meet you both you are great people!

  351. Matt Tongue
    Matt Tongue says:

    Very professional Chris was a great instructor keeping me interested even through what they said would be the boring parts, The class didn’t even seem as long as it actually was I want to thank both Chris and Jamie for putting on such an informative class I learned a lot of useful information that can be put to use in every day situations.

  352. Dewayne Massmann
    Dewayne Massmann says:

    First time taking a right to carry class, very impressed with how Chris kept it informative and professional.
    It was a learning experience and one I will recommend to anyone. Glad I was told about your class!

  353. Mike Weiland
    Mike Weiland says:

    I would like to thank Don for taking the time on a Sunday to allow my wife and I to attend the very informational and very well taught class. I have been through a carry class years back and I was very impressed with the class Don taught.

    My wife has never been through any training and was a bit nervous on attending the class. She said after we completed the class that she was glad that she took the class and has learned a lot of useful information (and that is coming from a lady that never wanted a gun in the house).

    We were in the middle of two different shoot-outs and I myself was in the middle of a stand off between a officer and a guy at the Holiday store in Hastings, MN. After being involved in that my wife let me get my permit to carry for WI.

    Every night we turn on the TV to watch the news there is at least one if not more shootings involving cops and innocent people that had no way to protect themselves from either getting shot, raped, or robbed. My wife then told me she is ready to get a gun and wanted to know if I would go through the required training to get a permit for WI and MN.
    I was very proud of her to see that she is thinking of her and our family’s safety. I was referred to you by my cousin (name omitted) and was told that it is by far the best training out there. After my wife and I took the training I have to agree with my cousin; it was by far the best that I have gone through.

    Don made us feel comfortable and I liked how caring he was to make sure that if we had any questions just to ask and he made sure our questions were answered. My wife had learned a great deal of information and feels much more comfortable knowing the laws and how to defend herself if ever in the need to do so. And learning how to make sure the gun is safe and unloaded and also with the hands-on training at the range was what she needed to see that guns are not something to be afraid of when handled safely; and if ever in need, she knows how to use one and the laws that apply to having a permit to carry.

    So her new pink Beretta Nano 9mm that I bought her for Valentines Say along with the permit to carry class she said it was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!
    Now I just have to find her a level 2 Holster with finger slide that she feels comfortable with using has come to a challenge for me to find since the Nano is such a new gun.
    So the search is still on.

    On behalf of my wife and myself we would like to give a BIG Thank You out to Don for very well trained class that he taught us this past Sunday! I will pass on to others of your training.

    -Mike Weiland

  354. Stacy Eichman-Cardwell
    Stacy Eichman-Cardwell says:

    Thanks so much Chris – the class was professional, informative, interesting and fun (a hard combination to achieve)
    I am one of those unique people that believe in God and guns (I have spent my career teaching in a church). I believe that anyone who shoots, hunts or has guns in their home should take your class. Your class has so much to offer about awareness, safety, responsibility and legal rights – it would be important for anyone, no matter what their belief in conceal/carry to attend your class. I have been and will continue to promote your class.

  355. Todd L. Cardwell
    Todd L. Cardwell says:

    You did a great job on saturday, I had both my wife and daughter attend. Both very much enjoyed the day and your presentation style.

    Thanks again – our apps went into the mail Monday.

  356. Joe Gednalske
    Joe Gednalske says:

    Great job, kept everyone engaged and interested.
    I am a certified sporting clays instructor and have also done Agronomy training for over 30 years across the country.
    This is not criticism but a suggestion from someone that has taught in all kinds of locations. Try setting up in more of a class room style so lines of site are better and people are closer to you.(maybe it was not an option for you at this location)
    I have a suggestion on the hang fire discussion if you have time to give me a call some day.
    It is even a bigger problem with shotguns and with ammo coming from everywhere now it is a big concern! Great Job! Joe Gednalske

  357. Paul Ramey
    Paul Ramey says:

    Very well done class. I have a back ground in training from the US Army. You kept us on subject, learning and never lost any of the students with your training.

    Please keep up the good work!!


  358. Douglas Fowler
    Douglas Fowler says:

    I found the course to be very informative in regards to the limited amount of protection a law abiding citizen has in relation to the amount of protection the criminal element has under the existing laws in Minnesota.

    I am very concerned and reluctant to pursue further the carrying of a weapon. I think you leave yourself open for criticism and judgment by our society as a whole.

    Good course! Every citizen should be aware of the rules of protecting what is theirs and not just those interested in carrying a concealed weapon.

  359. Bill Simmons
    Bill Simmons says:

    I was expecting a 4 hour “rules and regulations” class but was very impressed with how they used videos and examples to explain the information and keep it interesting. Chris and Jamie were both very knowledgeable and friendly and wanted you to ask them questions making the class open to discussions. I’d certainly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting a Carry permit, or even those looking for some basic defense training. I’ll definitely be back in 5 years to renew!

  360. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    What a great class! Chris did an outstanding job of teaching us! I didn’t realize how much there really was to learn. There are so many topics and situations to evaluate. I recommend this class to EVERYONE! If you still don’t decide to conceal and carry you will have lots of great knowledge about the topics and will feel more comfortable in general ! Thanks again Chris!

  361. Rebecca curtis
    Rebecca curtis says:

    Chris did a really great job instructing us with pertinent, current information and videos. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.
    Well worth the time and fees. Glad we were able to purchase the C&C book as well.
    Thank you and we will definitely recommend your training and we will be back in 5 years, God willing.
    Becky C. Wooddville, WI

  362. Mark Pearce
    Mark Pearce says:

    Ryan, Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did teaching the class, you clearly know your facts and did a great job of passing along your knowledge, my wife and daughter will be attending one of your classes in the near future. Mark Pearce Austin, MN

  363. Stanley Bialon goes by Van
    Stanley Bialon goes by Van says:

    The class was informal, educational, and helped answer many questions I have had in my mind.
    Chris is a great instructor.

  364. lynn larson
    lynn larson says:

    i would like to thank you for being so knowledgable for this course. i do know i few people that are interested, and i will send them your way

  365. john brown
    john brown says:

    This is my third class of this type (renewal coming up), and Ryan did a fantastic job teaching and training for the wide range of weapon knowledge in the room.

    I will seek you out for further training in the future!


  366. Derek Pearson
    Derek Pearson says:

    I took this class on Nov 9 and it was well planned out and provided me with critical information. I liked the way the questions was answered and I felt like I had the confidence to pass the shooting test, which I did. I have already two of my close friends interested in being trained. Thank you!!!!!! : )

  367. Patrick McLaughlin
    Patrick McLaughlin says:

    I am a WI Dept. of Nat. Resource Gun hunter safety instructor and I took your class and was more than impressed with your class, your approach, to all facets of conceal carry. Thank You Pat McLaughlin

  368. Jeffrey Penman
    Jeffrey Penman says:

    I liked Chris’s approach to the subject, he tried to explain much of the legal statues in easy to understand plain English. Excellent real world situation were used and backed up by materials in the book, I read the book cover to cover over the weekend. I wanted to learn even more after taking this class, Chris gave out several websites and we can email him with questions, which I liked. I would recommend this class to anyone interested.

  369. Rick & Rose Purvis
    Rick & Rose Purvis says:

    We took the class Saturday. Chris is an excellent, informative and patient instructor. My wife and I would highly recommend this course to everyone. They also give you support after the course. Thank you!

  370. Mary Jean
    Mary Jean says:

    Chris did a wonderful job and was very patient with concerns and comments! The class was very educational and professional! Thank you Chris!

  371. Todd Straub
    Todd Straub says:

    I thought Chris did a great job & would highly recommend it to anyone. My only negative was the quality of some of the video content.

  372. brent e stewart
    brent e stewart says:

    My wife and I both attended the class we learned a lot and had our eyes opened to what conceal and carry really means. Also learned how to properly hold and shoot a gun. The one thing we both took away from the class was how as conceal and carry permit holders the major responsibilities we have to know and understand. Thankfully Chris has a very upbeat class and the knowledge to teach what you need to know thank you very much. AAA+++

  373. Jerry Van Wyk
    Jerry Van Wyk says:

    The class was very informative and educational. I took away a lot of great information, but perhaps most critical was the MN laws and understanding how they apply to firearm use. What struck me was the responsibility that I would be taking to conceal and carry according to the laws of MN. Chandler’s did a very good job of instructing. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

  374. Greg Hunder
    Greg Hunder says:

    I have been a gun user for hunting and other recreational purposes for about 45 years now. Often a person takes the position that he/she knows it all already. This class was very educational and I learned many things that I would not have considered if I did not attend. The instructor was very knowledgable, had a great desposition and was a great resource. A+++ rating!

  375. Gary Sellers
    Gary Sellers says:

    The class was even better than I heard. Chris answered all my many questions in a language I could understand. He had a way of putting everyone at ease during the class. It was a very no-nonsense class with even a little humor. It was a very enjoyable experience and I am going to look up Chris when I have to renew my permit. I will recommend this class to all my friends for sure. Gary Sellers

  376. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Well, I found this class on craigslist; I wasn’t expecting much after that. During and after class I was very impressed. The instructor, Ryan, was very friendly and knowledgeable. For the price I paid it was worth the time and they also covered our range fee and use of a pistol for test. I definitely would recommend these guys. I already have been. I give Chandler’s a AAA+ rating.

  377. Ivy Babcock
    Ivy Babcock says:

    With coming to this class not knowing what to expect I was very pleased. Chris was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. I’m not a person to sit in meetings because I tend to daydream and get bored; but this class was very interesting, upbeat and informative. Thank you! I definitely will refer Chris to anyone I meet that wants to take this class. Ivy

  378. Steve Kosbab
    Steve Kosbab says:

    The class by Chris was very informative and practical. Will definitely renew again with him and refer others to attend the course.

  379. Richard casson
    Richard casson says:

    I really liked how the class was informal and very open for discussion. Information was to the point and explained well. Ryan was very easy to listen to as well as talk to I would say he kept the class going in good fashion. Questions were addressed well, As well as comments made. I will be back in Five years…. :)

  380. Sara Arsola
    Sara Arsola says:

    The class was great! I learned so many new things and reviewed some things I already knew! Chris was a great teacher keeps the class very interesting and humorous! He does a great job and I’m so glad I chose to take his class and not a class somewhere else! Thanks again. :)

  381. Lisa Villarreal
    Lisa Villarreal says:

    Chris was an amazing instructor! We could have listened to him all day as it never once got boring! Great information and fun!!

  382. Amy Olson
    Amy Olson says:

    By far the most interesting content I have ever learned in my life. Chris is an amazing teacher and made the time spent learning fun and very informative. I recommend this class to everyone!

  383. Rick V.
    Rick V. says:

    Ryan did an excellent presentation at our class. Covered a lot of information, especially on our responsibilities as holders of Conceal Carry permits. Would definitly recommend Ryan as an instructor!

  384. William Anderson
    William Anderson says:

    I took the class with Ryan in Austin. He did a great job. I was looking forward to the class, and I enjoyed the class even more then I had anticipated. I had almost no knowledge about firearms, so this was very informative for me. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the class.

  385. Don Godeke
    Don Godeke says:

    Having never taken a conceal & carry class. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was impressed with both the professionalism and thoroughness of the class. Ryan covered all the topics very well in the allotted time. If anything, a little more time would be good. Recommending the book was great as it will be a very valuable resource to reference from here on out. thank you for putting on a great class. Hope to see you again in 5 years. Don

  386. Kent Karsjens
    Kent Karsjens says:

    The class was very informative from being more aware of your surroundings to your legal rights and responsibilities as gun owners in America. Ryan McCusker did an excellent job of keeping it interesting. Good job.

  387. Torry Jeranek
    Torry Jeranek says:

    Chris did a fantastic job. He kept things interesting and delivered the material at a pace that was easy to keep up with. I will definitely use Chandler’s Conceal and Carry Instruction when it comes time to renew my permit. I will also highly recommend this training to anybody that expresses an interest in a carry permit.

  388. Joe Saterdalen
    Joe Saterdalen says:

    So with going thru the course the third time I wanted to see if there would be a benifit to me by going with a different instructor this time.
    I chose Chandler from an add on craigslist, and the instructor was Ryan McCusker, course given in Kasson Mn.
    I was very happy with all areas of class and want to say that it was nice that he kept command of the class and kept the what if questions to a minimum.
    Of course he answered every question professionally but there was just less cowboy behavior than I had seen from previous instructor.
    Thanks guys
    Will recommend every chance I get.

  389. Amee Wall
    Amee Wall says:

    I took this class at the request of my husband, thinking oh why should I get my carry permit nothing bad will ever happen to me. This class was a HUGE EYE OPENER to me. I work at a local gas station and I now realize how much of a bubble I was living in. Since I have taken this class I’m way more aware of my surroundings.

    Thank you for an awesome class

  390. Daryl Sanford
    Daryl Sanford says:

    I was very pleased with the way Ryan taught his class. He doesn’t focus on just what is required by the state to carry, but also important measures to stay safe inside and outside your home. You can easily see that he takes his rights and responsibilities very seriously. I have already recommended the class to my coworkers and friends.

  391. John Meyer
    John Meyer says:

    I really had a good time in this class. Ryan did an excellent job of explaining what was in the material. He used very good, but limited, anecdotal illustrations of incidents which were very informative. I will indeed recommend your services to anyone I know whom indicates an interest in any type of firearms training.

  392. jess kruk
    jess kruk says:

    I was very impressed with the class. Chris was knowledgeable and kept the material very interesting with all of it being pertinent. I will definitely look for his class in the future for any refreshers, and I will recommend him to any one I know ready to make the transition into concealed carry. Thank you very much!!

  393. Scott Brantner
    Scott Brantner says:

    This was a very good class! It was well taught and teaches you a lot of very important information you need to be a permit holder. I have and will continue to recommend Chandler Conceal & Carry to anyone interested in becoming a Permit holder!

  394. Jerrel Matthews
    Jerrel Matthews says:

    The class was very informative and the instructor (Ryan M) took the time to address specific questions. All of the concerns you may have going into the class are put at ease. Everyone should take this course..just in case. Exercise your right to carry. Great job Ryan!

  395. Chuck Dawley
    Chuck Dawley says:

    The Class was EXCELENT ! I was amazed
    At all there is to know about The Permit To Carry.
    From start to finish of the class room information
    Had me takeing notes. Chris you did a Fantastic
    job ! I’ll be seeing you again in the near future so
    My Wife can also take it. I personally think the Spose
    Should take this so there in the know about there
    Right to carry as well as the Law part also.
    It was GREAT !

  396. Tom Weber
    Tom Weber says:

    I attended the Farmington class on Feb. 8th with instructor Don Chandler. I thought Don did an excellent job of presenting the materials and handling the many and varied questions from the class. I especially liked the videos of real life situations. I would highly recommend your classes to anyone interested in conceal and carry. The price was very good and you didn’t promote any personal political agenda. That was very important to me.

  397. Warren Anderson
    Warren Anderson says:

    I wanna thank Ryan and Don for setting up the time for me to take the CCW training and instruction class. Don was very professional and informitive in class, and answered every question I asked! If anyone is looking for a good professional class to obtain their conceal/carry, I highly recommend Chandlers! I hope you do offer more instructions in the future regarding more firearm training! I’d like to learn more!

  398. Debra Carlson
    Debra Carlson says:

    This was a renewal class for me. I was amazed at the additional information provided in comparison to my first class with a different company. Please extend a thank you to Don. Outstanding class.

  399. Darin Stanley
    Darin Stanley says:

    My wife and I recently attended Chandlers Conceal and Carry course and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The course was very informative and Ryan did a great job of citing circumstances and situations which we could relate too. I will recommend Chandlers to anyone who is interested in Conceal and Carry training.

    Darin Stanley

  400. Donald Madland
    Donald Madland says:

    My father Mike and I attended the class at Ray J’s in Woodbury. Ryan is an excellent intructor and made the usually “boring” class informative, interesting and Fun! I will highly recommend him to my friends. Thanks again Ryan!

  401. Thomas Dunn
    Thomas Dunn says:

    Dec 7th at Balsam Lake.
    Very enjoyable class and Chris was a lot of fun.
    The class was worth the money and even if someone is never going to carry it is worth it for the safety issues.
    The range was a little chilly but was also fun.
    Tom Dunn

  402. Edward J Tichenor
    Edward J Tichenor says:

    Dear Chris:

    As I told you several times during our break periods: “You are a very skilled presenter and you have made learning and mastering the material easy because of you preparation, skills, and knowledge.” Thank you for a great day December 7, 2013. I look forward to seeing you again as a student on the range and I stand ready to recommend you to any person seeking a conceal/carry training.

    Edward J. Tichenor
    Dec 9, 2013

  403. Gordon Stangl
    Gordon Stangl says:

    I attended the Nov 17th class in Woodbury at RayJ’s. It was very informative and professionally run. Ryan is a very dedicated instructor and kept the class very enjoyable. I will recommend this class to all of my friends. Thank you

  404. Jeremy Bickner
    Jeremy Bickner says:

    I first off want to thank you Chris for offering the course so frequently. I have to admit that while I have grown up around firearms my whole life, a lot of what was covered went above and beyond traditional firearm safety. I gained a lot of important information and you made the course enjoyable. I will certainly pass your name on to anyone looking to take this course.


  405. Bill Merritt
    Bill Merritt says:

    It was an outstanding class. Taught with a sense of professionalism and just the right hint of humor. I am glad I bought the book, it has a lot of helpful information. If possible would like the information on the possibility of becoming a instructor with Chris. I have been a trainer with the Army and Ramsey County. Thank you, Bill

  406. Greg Bowron
    Greg Bowron says:

    This class was very informative. Good lessons. Chris kept your attention at all times. I am in the military and I know with the proper training and INSTRUCTION anybody can safely and legally use a firearm. Thank you Chris Good Job. Greg Bowron

  407. Chuck Dawley
    Chuck Dawley says:

    First off it was a great class! I wish now that it would have been a little longer. I’m sure there are people that would argue that because time is important, but for me, I tried to take notes as fast as my fingers could move, but they lost! I will tell or should I say I already have told co-workers how good it was?! Thanks Alot Chris. Chuck

  408. Josh soltis
    Josh soltis says:

    Great class. Very informative. I learned a lot and especially liked the extra resources given on the cd! Will recommend to friends and family!

  409. Scott dammer
    Scott dammer says:

    I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I will recommend you to friends. I ran into the guy at the Washington County Sheriff’s dept. that went to your class on Sunday. I recognized the yellow folder! Thanks again, your class was awesome!

  410. Ryan Wiste
    Ryan Wiste says:

    Took my class 9/28 with Ryan McCusker. It was a great class, Ryan did a very good job. There weren’t any questions, that he did not have an answer for. I will reccomend this class.

  411. Angeline Arends
    Angeline Arends says:

    Thank you! I took the class mainly to learn more about the use of the firearm and to become more comfortable with them. Chris, you were a big help to me as I know I have much more to learn but I can do It. I worked out just perfect for me. And no I am not bored yet. :-)

  412. Ken Peters
    Ken Peters says:

    Ryan is a great instructor with all the right answers. Always nice to hear about the laws, do’s and don’t of having a carry permit from a live source.

  413. Chris Alms
    Chris Alms says:

    Chris did an awesome job in my class. I think even the people who do not want to carry should take the class just to get the facts and laws correct. I would recommend these guys to anyone interested in taking the class.

  414. Lisa Howard
    Lisa Howard says:

    Chris, Thank You for the Class. I felt very comfortable and the fact that I hadn’t fired a Hand Gun in 30 Years, you were very patient with Me. The only thing is I wished we could of done is started the class an hour or two sooner, since it was a lot of info. It was well worth the time and great info! Thank-You Again. Lisa :)

  415. Kathryn
    Kathryn says:

    I took my class on 4/20, just wanted you to know that the class with Ryan McCusker was VERY informative. Ryan did a wonderful job of covering all of the material. He was pleasant to listen to and very attentive to his audience–answering any and all of the questions we had. Ryan was very professional and, I really appreciated him stressing safety.

    (PERSONAL NOTE) I use to be afraid of guns and actually hated them. I am a 64 year old grandmother and “the light finally went on”. Who is going to protect the children and innocent people who meet up with the EVIL and Crazy people who SHOULD NOT be carrying guns???? We need MORE – GOOD, HONEST, AND CARING PEOPLE out there in order to protect themselves and the others who are helpless against those who threaten them.

    ONE more note on the class. When it came time for the target shooting,
    which I was very nervous about, Ryan gave me the confidence I needed with his calm mannerisms and encouragement. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who is interested in obtaining a permit to carry.

    “Carry On” my friends and keep practicing. You NEVER KNOW when you may need to protect someone.

  416. Kristopher Reyes
    Kristopher Reyes says:

    Chris’s class was pretty awesome I’m glad I took it ,the book is pretty informative and recommend buying it .I have recommended the class to some friends and hope they enjoy it the way I did , Thanks Chris .

  417. MacKenzie
    MacKenzie says:

    Ryan was a great instructor, very approachable! My boyfriend, sister, and mother all took the class on 4/20/13. We are new to all of this and Ryan made it very easy for everyone to understand. We all bought the book and I think everyone should. The book is great! It covers what we learned during the course and more. Ryan thank you so much for helping us understand our rights. You are a wise man and it was wonderful learning from you!! I am telling everyone I know about this class.