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The “Popcorn Shooting” and Stand Your Ground

Andrew Branca, attorney, author of The Law of Self Defense and contributor at Legal Insurrection has posted a great article about how Stand Your Ground does not apply in the “Popcorn Shooting” hearings.  If you’re not familiar with this incident, it involves an altercation between two men in a theater that resulted in one of them being shot and […]

Carry Permit Holder dealing with Law Enforcement after an incident where LE is called or summoned.

  When it comes to dealing with Law Enforcement as a carry permit holder, there are some things you need to understand from the law enforcement side of the incident. The responding officers have limited information on what really happened. The only information they get is from dispatch and what the RP (caller) explained to […]

Open Carry VS Conceal Carry

When you first start to carry a pistol you have an important decision to make whether you will open carry or conceal carry. The MCPPA (Minnesota Citizen Personal Protection Act) allows you to carry open or concealed. You have to think about the pros and cons of both open carrying and conceal carrying when making your […]

The Balance Between Speed and Accuracy

In my Carry Permit Classes, I often push the need for further training to our students.  Most students are hesitant to spend additional time training and I can only assume this is because all the students already know how to shoot a handgun.  However, when it comes to self-defense shooting, there are many more skills […]

Choosing Your Carry Gun

In almost every Carry Permit class, I constantly get asked “What gun should I buy?” At first glance, it seems like such a simple concept.  I’m the expert, and I should just be able to say “go buy a Glock”, or “I like the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield”. While I do like Glocks and […]

How often do I carry a gun?

Probably the most common question I get as an instructor is ‘how often do you carry?’ For a while I used to cite crime stats or use some analogy to show why carrying as often as possible makes the most sense. It’s one of the more difficult viewpoints to get across to students; especially those […]