Carry Permit On-line Resources

There is a ton of on-line information for carry permit holders.  Vlogs/Blogs, social media groups, podcasts, forums, manufacturer and retailer websites, YouTube channels, you name it.  All covering anything from how to pick that carry firearm to the next big deal in tacticool underpants.   I won’t go into that last bit but I’ve thrown a list of a few resources together that will hopefully point you in the right direction when looking for information on carrying a defensive weapon.

Legislative Resources

Bad information can get you in trouble.  Don’t get your legal advice from Facebook or the like, your best resource for carry permit law is the on-line legislative library and carry permit resources for your state or the state which you are traveling to or through.  Chandler’s is Minnesota based but our training is also recognized for Wisconsin and Florida permits, listed below are some resources for carry permit holders in these states:

Along with your state resources, there are a number of organizations that provide a bit more user friendly representation of the statutes (our legislators seem to have a language all their own) as well as reciprocity maps for your carry permit.  Legislation can change every year, make sure that the information you are getting is up to date.  If it’s more than a year or two old, verify the information with your legislative resources.

You’ll also find a number of local and national Second Amendment advocacy groups that  not only fight for your rights at those levels but will keep you informed of any proposed legislation that might infringe on your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.   If you are not a member of at least one of these groups, you should be.

Use Of Force

Nothing is more critical and can cause more confusion than the rules justifying use of force or use of deadly force.   One of the foremost authorities on the subject is Massad Ayoob.  He has been training law enforcement, military and and private citizens in the defensive use of deadly force since the early 80’s, founded 2 training organizations, authored a few dozen books, hundreds of articles and been an expert witness in countless defensive shooting trials.  Some of his on-line articles are listed below, I’d also check out his  books In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection and Deadly Force – Understanding Your Right to Self Defense.

Attorney Andrew Branca has also written an excellent book, The Law of Self Defense that goes into the legal aftermath of defensive use of force.  Andrew also has a number of interviews listed on his website where he has explained how the use of force laws are applied in court.  I highly recommend checking out his blog and picking up a copy of his book.

Other On-Line Resources

Social Media

Before facebook lost it’s mind and started banning/shutting down gun related pages, there were a large number of firearm groups where you could find all kinds of information on just about any gun you could imagine.  When facebook went on their anti-gun craze a lot of those groups moved to other social media platforms like the United Gun Group, MeWe, Weapons Feed as well as various home-grown sites.  However, since facebook is still the king of social media many of the group members never dropped it completely and many of these groups migrated back to facebook out of convenience.


YouTube is an invaluable resource.  If you’re looking for gun reviews, modification How-To’s, detailed disassembly/reassembly instructions or “How do I fix this thing I just broke,” someone has probably needed the same information and made a video about it.  Below are just a few of the recent searches and channels I’ve followed:

Podcasts, Forums and Blogs

Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date on gear, gun reviews, training ideas, etc.  I usually listen to them during that 1hr+ commute that would otherwise be wasted listening to the local talk radio and getting angry over local politics.

Blogs are everywhere.  Training ideas, gear and gun reviews, you name it.  Run a search and you will find lists of blogs covering exactly what you were looking for.  One I frequent is by  over at Active Response Training.  Greg is a great guy and puts out excellent information, I highly recommend checking him out and signing up for his updates.

Forums took a bit of a hit during the explosion of social media but lately seem to be coming back in fashion.  I’ve always enjoyed the forums and to be honest, forums are my main resource for getting the skinny on what is going on in the industry.   Not unlike facebook or the tweeter, you can get an app that will follow multiple forums and make it easy to post and stay up to date from your phone.  I rarely access my forums from a computer anymore, even when I am sitting right in front of it.  Here are a few I find myself hitting the most:

On-line Retailers, Firearm and Parts Manufacturers

On-line retailers and firearm manufacturers have discovered the value of providing extra information for their on-line customers.  Below are a couple of on-line vendors that not only have a great selection of products but provide some very good information on anything from mounting a scope to building out your own AR.

  • Midway USA – Look for their Knowledge Center at the bottom of their page.
  • Brownells – Check out their “Learn” section.

Weeding Through the Garbage 

Keep in mind that a lot of what you read on-line, with the exception of state legislative resources, is really just someone else’s opinion (my grandpa had a saying about opinions…) and sometimes that “someone” may not be all that well informed.  Not a big deal if we’re talking about those tacticool underpants but when it comes to legal advice, don’t believe everything you read on Facebook, etc.  If something sounds sketchy, it probably is.  Make sure you check multiple resources and verify you are getting the correct information.


How I Became a Chandler’s Employee

Hi All, Jamie here – First, I have to admit this is my very first blog post – So forgive me if it isn’t the best one ever! I often get asked by students, “How did you end up at Chandler’s?” Well, here’s the story:

Back in 2012, I was living alone in an apartment (ground floor) in Sauk Rapids, MN. I had an ex-boyfriend that used to like to show up at my door after bar close and well lets just say, “make a scene.” He never did anything violent, but being alone, I knew that I needed away to protect myself.  Not to mention there were a few of my neighbors that made me wonder….(I think you know what I mean!)
So, I put a post out on Facebook to see if any of my friends had taken a permit to carry course, and low and behold some of them had! And they all took a class from Chandler’s. So I jumped on the website and checked the company out. After reading about the instructors and the FAQ’s section I was sold and signed up for a class.
Chris Chandler (the president of the company) was my instructor for the day, along with Don (his brother) who was completing his instructor training. Class was FANTASTIC, we learned a TON, made jokes, laughed and everyone was very interested in what they had to teach us. Needless to say on my way out, I grabbed a stack of business cards and told everyone that would listen to me how much this class improved the way I think about protecting myself, and not just while I am carrying.  I immediately friended the Chandler’s Facebook page to stay up to date on things they would share and a few days after class I got a “friend request” on Facebook from Chris – which I accepted.

Now fast forward a few years.  I wanted my Ma to take the course, and contacted Chris to set one up in my area again.  He was more than happy to do so and asked if I would help run fliers for the class, (since I was from there and knew the area), I told him, “no problem.”  The class was a hit and we had over 40 people show up!  After this class, my Ma, Chris, myself and another friend went out to get dinner and a few adult beverages – we all had a great time.   A few days later Chris asked me out on an “official date” and I always joke that from there, “the rest is history.” We began dating, and seeing each other every weekend (as we were living 100+ miles apart).  He convinced me to move to Hastings and run the company office for him.  That was my first job with Chandler’s Conceal & Carry, answering the phone.  From there I started to book classes for the instructors (there were only 3 at that time) and take reservations via phone calls.  I have now completed my own NRA Instructor Training, (I teach the women’s only classes) and I am now the Operations Manager for the company.  Oh and did I mention that Chris and I are now engaged to me married!!!

I can honestly say that I LOVE my job.  I have heard the phrase many times, “Find something that you love and you will never work another day in your life.” After coming to work for this company, that phrase finally has meaning to me.  We are an ever growing company, currently 10 instructors!  We now offer Personal Pistol Skills courses for beginners, and the advanced shooter, and are on the verge of launching a training program for “active shooters” along with continuing to teach the permit to carry courses all over the state of Minnesota and into western Wisconsin.  We are not just a company with “employees” we are a family here – all of us.  Every instructor that works here is my family, and I think that is what truly sets us apart from others.  When you take our class, you too become part of the “Chandler’s Family.”  I tell my ladies in my women’s only classes that they are now, “my girls” all the time.  Questions that they may have next week, next month or next year, they can always turn to us, because they are family too!  If you call the office with questions, or to register for a class there is a 99% chance that you are going to get to talk to me, (I still answer the phone for the company)!

I hope you have all enjoyed reading how I became a Chandler’s employee and why I love my job so much.
“Carry On” and stay safe!!