So You want to take your Firearm with you on a trip and you’ll be flying. Here’s 10 tips that you need to know….


You can fly with your gun! Just be sure that you follow your airlines and TSA policy. For example.. It must be declared and checked in as checked luggage. NOT AS CARRY ON LUGGAGE. Here’s 10 tips:

  1. Buy yourself a hard lockable safe. Preferably with holes for your own keyed padlocks. Don’t misplace your keys and don’t let anyone else have possession of your keys. You may want to bring extra locks just in case they get cut.
  2. Check your airlines website and see their policies. Most are basically the same but they don’t have to be. Print out the policy and bring it with you. Not every agent will have a complete understanding of their firearm policy.
  3. Check the TSA policy website for the latest up to date info. As like many policies they do change! Print this out as well. Some TSA agents may have a different understanding of their own policy. Best to have it in black and white.
  4. Unload your firearm and magazines at home. Not at the check in desk!  You Can.. Not required.. have the actions open. You could also run a cable lock through the mag well. Safety is always a good thing.
  5. Wiegh your gun case and ammo. A lot of airlines will allow up to 11lbs of ammo. I’m sure the airline will be more than happy to charge you extra if you go over the 50lb limit! Keep in mind that the lbs can add up quick!
  6. Pack your ammo in the same case. Keep it in a container. Not just loose rolling around. Best to keep it separate from magazine even though legal, You may get asked questions.
  7. Feel free to walk up to the counter with your firearm in its CLOSED AND LOCKED  case up to the ticket agent.  Calmly tell the agent that you have a firearm to declare and she will let you know what to do and when. Sometimes you’ll be escorted to the TSA agent or a TSA will be called over to get you checked in. Do as they ask and you’ll be fine. They will have you fill out an orange declaration card. Put that in your case.
  8. Don’t be in a hurry to go to the gate after check in.  You may be asked to open your case again. Just be advised it may happen.
  9. Make sure you don’t lose your padlock keys! Keep those in your carry on bag. Any optics you may have can also go in your carry on bag. Nobody wants those bumped around!
  10. Be prepared for surprises. You may be cleared at departure and upon arrival you discover a TSA agent may have cut your locks. They aren’t supposed to but it does happen. If your firearm doesn’t make it to your destination with you, Inform the TSA agent you want to report an interstate theft of your firearm and that should get you ALOT of attention.

* Contents came from Mr. Tom McHale July 3, 2014


I GOOGLED American Airlines , Delta, and Alaska Air and all stated the same. They referred to the TSA policy. Pls do your own research before traveling and HAPPY TRAVELS!



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