The “Popcorn Shooting” and Stand Your Ground

Andrew Branca, attorney, author of The Law of Self Defense and contributor at Legal Insurrection has posted a great article about how Stand Your Ground does not apply in the “Popcorn Shooting” hearings.  If you’re not familiar with this incident, it involves an altercation between two men in a theater that resulted in one of them being shot and killed.  I haven’t been following the case and it’s not the case that made Branca’s article interesting.  However, he does a great job outlining use of force and stand your ground and how it is applied to a legal defense.  Give the article a read and check out some of his other posts.  I’d also recommend visiting his site and signing up for his weekly newsletter.

Curtis-Reeves-Popcorn-Shooting-Hearing-e1487709608930“Popcorn Shooting” Defendant Has Self-Defense Immunity Hearing
Posted by Andrew Branca Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Study: Charges filed in Self-Defense Shootings in 2014

I ran across this article on pertaining a study of charges filed in self-defense shooting situations.  While the article is a year old, I think it has some decent information and was worth sharing.  Here’s a snippet from the article:

Of the 146 cases which we were able to determine whether charges had been filed, only about 10 percent – 15 cases – ended in legal ramifications. However, three of those 15 were miscellaneous charges, such as discharging a firearm within city limits or possession of a weapon, instead of charges pertaining directly to employing the weapon against another person. The remaining 131 cases did not or were not expected to result in any charges.

The rest of the article can be found here.