The Balance Between Speed and Accuracy

In my Carry Permit Classes, I often push the need for further training to our students.  Most students are hesitant to spend additional time training and I can only assume this is because all the students already know how to shoot a handgun.  However, when it comes to self-defense shooting, there are many more skills […]

Study: Charges filed in Self-Defense Shootings in 2014

I ran across this article on pertaining a study of charges filed in self-defense shooting situations.  While the article is a year old, I think it has some decent information and was worth sharing.  Here’s a snippet from the article: Of the 146 cases which we were able to determine whether charges had been filed, only […]

Choosing Your Carry Gun

In almost every Carry Permit class, I constantly get asked “What gun should I buy?” At first glance, it seems like such a simple concept.  I’m the expert, and I should just be able to say “go buy a Glock”, or “I like the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield”. While I do like Glocks and […]