Carry Permit On-line Resources

There is a ton of on-line information for carry permit holders.  Vlogs/Blogs, social media groups, podcasts, forums, manufacturer and retailer websites, YouTube channels, you name it.  All covering anything from how to pick that carry firearm to the next big deal in tacticool underpants.   I won’t go into that last bit but I’ve thrown a […]

To “conceal” or “not conceal” that is the question

To conceal or not conceal that is the question.  The MCPPA certainly allows for you to carry your firearm in an open carry mode or concealed, I believe in this right and I support it as a personal choice, but from my own experience carrying concealed is the best option in most situations. Experts agree […]

The “Popcorn Shooting” and Stand Your Ground

Andrew Branca, attorney, author of The Law of Self Defense and contributor at Legal Insurrection has posted a great article about how Stand Your Ground does not apply in the “Popcorn Shooting” hearings.  If you’re not familiar with this incident, it involves an altercation between two men in a theater that resulted in one of them being shot and […]