The “Popcorn Shooting” and Stand Your Ground

Andrew Branca, attorney, author of The Law of Self Defense and contributor at Legal Insurrection has posted a great article about how Stand Your Ground does not apply in the “Popcorn Shooting” hearings.  If you’re not familiar with this incident, it involves an altercation between two men in a theater that resulted in one of them being shot and killed.  I haven’t been following the case and it’s not the case that made Branca’s article interesting.  However, he does a great job outlining use of force and stand your ground and how it is applied to a legal defense.  Give the article a read and check out some of his other posts.  I’d also recommend visiting his site and signing up for his weekly newsletter.

Curtis-Reeves-Popcorn-Shooting-Hearing-e1487709608930“Popcorn Shooting” Defendant Has Self-Defense Immunity Hearing
Posted by Andrew Branca Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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